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It's ninety-nine jams that people station rocket with the afternoon. Good down the heavy hit a tough guy, a DJ entice you girls super cindy in on the phone lines. We Have David, banner. Hey David. We are good as well as can be as possible I should say. So David. We're just watching. CNN, the four officers have been charged the original officer who got arrested. They upgraded charges to second degree murder, and the other three officers are second degree it's. The other ones are aiding and abetting in the second degree charged with aiding and abetting with the second degree murder. How do you feel about the charges that are being brought against those officers that murder George Floyd? Personal Yeah Okay degeorge. Get opportunity to judge that part. That's my house there it is. To me to me to me, everything means everything everybody including black people. Everything means everything black people except black life. They care about buildings. Care about police the Calcutta nothing about nothing, but my people Dass don't. Matter to be can do whatever you feel like you need to do. I don't care about no businesses. I don't care about no buildings I don't care about nothing, but the life of of innocent black man woman that sal if they take our children Gimme Yo shoot. Periods don't nothing else matter. Pass that if you really care about black people like you say and white people. If you really care about black people like we say, handle young people in period. Don't nothing else better to me, but that Kyrie if we WANNA get focused about it. That's all that really matters knows really bad as period. Do you think everything that's happening now is going to make a difference in change. How officers are being held accountable when they do what they have been doing for a long time. You follow the rules that I just gave you before saved. This is what I'm telling. People I've said the same thing over and over again. What? What do people want me to say that the didn't say doing Mike? Brown and I didn't say before that before that, but it's the same thing. This establishment only respects to things the loss of life or the loss of finances, nothing else on this planet matters to this American whitewash system, and you affect one of those things it does not matter the thing that our I will say, though is the only thing only problem that I see. We need to be focused. What is justice to us? Not Not what what what is justice? Justice to them. What is justice to us? What do we really WANNA do? What do we really want to get out this once? We know that focus on that, and that only and let me tell you something else that I believe and people are on a lot of people are not going to understand what I am saying, but is very very important. I, don't care what else happens. Focus on this case in you. Get the justice that you want. Because if if I were a white supremacist, all I would do is go do something to somebody else and then black people going run over there then the cameras are GonNa win over there. We have to stay so kissed. intil get. Would you nothing else matters, David? Where can everyone follow your movements and see? How your potty passes amazing and you've been speaking what you're speaking today for such a long time, but now years are more open to what you have to say. Where can they follow movements and and listen to your podcast as well David Banner Dot Com. That's what people can focus on that, but it's not about me i. say that because it. I. Stand on what I stand and we'll hopefully stand on it for digressed of my life. find out what's walls. Go is and figure that out. That's the only thing that matter in do nothing else. Let me say one other thing. Could you all please make sure you keep saying yes? It's the children out on the street. I walked out. How proud I am of you! We always criticize the younger generation. They are doing it and what I want to tell you. Don't let other people op Joe. Movement, a Lotta, these folks way never done nothing I don't WanNa. Hear nothing for money pastor I don't WanNA hidden praying no, no, no hold in hands and hugging worse we need to do is a plot, these kids and give them opportunity to find their own leaders, because the stuff that we've been doing my generation, and above my generation it. It has not worked, so we keep looking for these celebrities and he's actors, and he's football players, and these old lost up, so called a politician. What they talking about don't work. Most people just won't white people to treat them better. They don't really want freedom because they got money with the system being the way that it is right now and we looking for for. This last thing I'll say you elected a camp to speak for you if we have problems with the water system. Why do you expect them to all of a sudden? Be a chemist? These are celebrities. These politicians that you chose to. You have to deal with that right David I. WanNa. Thank you so much. You gave us so much to think about and to help us make a change in a difference because A. A lot of us are in the same box that we've been programmed to be in and your words the difference, but but the difference between you to you to support the people that need supporting right you through. Both have always supported me when I needed she. You Open your hands to make you open your hands to the people. You all stay connected to the people. That's the reason why I take your call. To both of you to and you to make sure that you're safe, and you watch who you're around because people like you. That was set people around you. They want the fact that even let me say what I just said. That's a problem to you. And I understand that you will be held responsible for it and you to have to watch each other watch each other's back I know it's who I work with each other, but south stuck with each other. You Watch each other's back and watch. Will you around? They don't from you all are. That's what Bro I got on the phone. What you? What was the first thing I? Actually me and my good? How am I doing you? Okay? Yeah, not the radio station. Not We talk about what how were you? Called me. I told her sweetheart. You have always watched that to me just a day that we knew each other exist This is about taking care of each other. You want to change the world, but we don't even teach. Treat each other right? Thank you so much. David Banner I want everybody also follow him on social media at David. Banner and his podcast. I know you didn't want me to promote that. I have to push that because you are an inspiration of so many different generations, it madder David be safe. Stay safe and thank you so much for sharing your time with us..

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