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By Luke Robinson Robinson to Knowlton, who manages to get it out of the zone before paying the price of getting hit pretty hard. Puck loose now at center ice and chipped right back in by the Lakers. Robinson gets to It again drops for Brennan Brennan slammed into the boards, punk pop straight into the air and ends up on the stick and Thomas gaskets gaskets gets it ahead. And in his Robinson for Air Force, Robinson coughs it up. Falcons change on the flies. The puck is dumped back deep into their in and settle down by Brandon Cook, Cook to rhyme and in it goes rhyme, all head for the bench. And the Lakers behind their own net. Trying to dig it out from off the back wall. Not a good little scrum going there in the middle of that was Gavin for Air Force pump slides out of there to center ice and a stick battle in the neutral zone. One by the Lakers. Long pass comes into the air Force and cut up behind the net by Schilling looks up finds Gavin wide open along the wall, Gavin to cook, They cross ice to 11 Jake 11. Brings it in lost the pot poked away from him in behind the Laker net taken away by mercy or so far, just one shot on goal for airports in nearly seven minutes of play, But that goal lit the lamp Air Force leads, It won Nothing. Shilling covers up a pot. It came in on him and slow motion. And then there's players being pulled apart after the whistle. Yeah, 11 and Gavin for Air Force were in.

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