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Some saying but row i think there's still some work to be done some room to be seen from blake griffin as a 3point shooter for detroit this puts a ton of pressure on guys lay stanley johnson reggie bullock lukin art i don't think you're done though i think they got as smith the what hair hair highs but the actual she goes on the wiggs like unique but you need wings and they don't have a lot at like this does take away a lot of depth for them and they didn't have a ton to begin with i do agree with with trader like i'd probably not done making a move yeah i think they're gonna make more more move because they're just wing heavy um and then also with the rehab loves reggie jackson returning uh should be interesting i don't know how blake blake is really not doing well with mall um um god that need the ball constantly and reggie jackson does a bad job with that so i i'm pretty i'm not i'm not actually restrooms reggie is not the easiest person to deal with two right i'm just saying he just doesn't connect with you would think him in under joint would have more lob connections he he normally makes a lot of bab plays in the half court i mean he's offense of minded guy i mean i've always preferred for fergie them as a undersized to guard um play it should be interesting when he does return to the to the team but i mean ish mystery have those guys at least in a successful situation for a little while but hopefully they make another trade that they can actually.

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