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So I left confident on Friday morning went out to the beach that the snow would start at about three or four o'clock on Saturday. I'd be back long before that. And it was not going to be a big deal. When I got back the forecast. Had changed to four to six inches in the metro area four to six inches in the metro area. And that would have been okay total. But at my house yesterday at my house yesterday. I shoveled Ron came over and shoveled at about five to six inches at about ten o'clock in the morning yesterday and in the afternoon, and then there was a period of time with with light snow falling. No big deal in the afternoon. Twelve in three lights in the afternoons. When games were going on. I'm just going to tell you that. I think I got twelve inches of snow in my house. I really do and everything that was shoveled yesterday was worthless by last night and certainly worthless by this morning, and it was a big enough snow that it confounds the dog the dog can't find any place to make because the dog can't sniff. The dog has to stick its nose all the way down in the snow and still doesn't get any sense that it can really use. I believe that they were hopelessly hopelessly inadequate in their predictions. I believe that they had it wrong. All the way up to the end. They just continued to have it wrong and wrong and wrong. And I hope Melissa malay-. I hope she's happy. I hope she's happy doing snow angels. Yeah. I hope she got into work today with with whatever car they had to send for and as of yesterday at yesterday at noon or two or three the main roads were fine. And Michael, you think you think? I'm wrong in being this critical. I think you're correct in being critical. But you're misplacing the timeline. You should not be mentioning any forecast from Thursday or Friday at this point because it did shift a little bit later. I think you need to be a little heavier in your criticism of yesterday's forecast. After three pm we make the decision to come over to your house because they say there's one to two inches of snow remaining in the system at that point. We'd already had five to six we'd already taken care of the drive of the sidewalk will get into sidewalk etiquette after this. But there is another four to five inches after three P. I had to go back out, and there's still accumulating snow until nine when you're trying to. When you're trying to make travel plans even locally that to me is where the big misses. I don't think you can really hold much weight with what they're saying on Thursday because that does continue to change. And I do think you need to recognize capital weather gang still does it very good job. All the all the TV radio people. They just missed yesterday afternoon. There were there were there were two distinct events where I live. There was a five to six inch snowfall Saturday night into Sunday, which they essentially nailed I thought yes, they said one inch between seven p in about eleven to midnight. And then there was an there was about four hours of nothing. Clear roads, it was fine. And there wasn't a nother five where I live. I had eleven inches another five to six inches. Yes. They have that. Which was completely uncalled for as as recently as Sunday morning. They were saying a winter storm watch in effect through one or maybe it was four o'clock on Sunday. Then as the day went on that became six, and then it became eight and then at eight they were saying it was going to snow until midnight, which it extensively where I.

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