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That, it kind of becomes noise. It's interesting to hear you characterize the president in that way I think I'm probably not alone in maybe being a little bit surprised in in hearing the president characterized in those terms. When you look at the presidential election this year, we're told that it is the most consequential election ever taking place in the United States. It is undoubtedly taking place in a moment that is without precedent. Does this feel like this is a consequential election for you in the context of all the election races that you've covered throughout your career so far? Yes. No is the answer. No. In the sense that I think every election that I've covered since I started doing this in nineteen eighty with Reagan and Carter people have said this is the most important election of our lifetime. It's really become a play shy and I vividly remember people saying this about trump and Clinton for years ago. There was something in your question now, which I will agree with when you said not that it's we've not had one that has happened in these circumstances. Well, we'd had them in pretty dire circumstances in the midst of wars in the midst of economic. Collapses but twenty, twenty in my. Long experience is a pretty special and challenging year we had this terrible pandemic. A painful economic collapse we've got serious racial tensions we've had each does not so much the pandemic, but certainly economic issues and racial tensions in the past I'm not sure we've ever had all three at the same time. So this does feel more consequential than other elections and return to the debate you moderated between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in twenty sixteen. I think you described it at the time as being very adversarial neither candidate shook hands before the debate began that's a bit of a convention these for these things pre Kovic at least do you think that we're going to see a similarly adversarial mood playing out this time around as well? Yes in terms of these two candidates. I started covering presidential politics in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty with the Reagan Carter election and that and subsequent elections said generally been about what direction the country should go in right or laugh liberal or Conservative this election both for the candidates in terms of how they framed it and how voters seem to be responding to would. Warrant choice between. Good and ban the way donald trump or trays it. The country's GonNa go to hell under Joe Biden. It'll. It'll to be the country as we know it I think in his acceptance speech he trump basically about the American dream being St. Joe Biden has done very much. The same here said decencies on the ballot characters on the ballot democracy is on the ballot. So when you've said that it's it's a lot more than a difference over tax policy. It's really a difference about who is going to be good for the country and who's going to be bad for the country. So I expect. The debates and the entire campaign to be very combative and as far as an shaking I'm not sure that would happen under any circumstances given the public health rules. In fact, I wonder. Whether. Donald Trump will go. To Joe Biden to try to shake his hand in the beginning just to throw him off because obviously the president has not been nearly as is observed and of public health rules as Vice President Biden has been and that's one of the joy of being on the stage is. There's all the things you plan for, and then they're all the things that just surprise you that each candidate has has gamed out with their styles. That comes back to the idea of listening the you mentioned earlier that you have to be whether you're a moderator or interview totally present. In the company of the person that you're speaking to totally aware of things that are happening even if they're that flashing by breakneck speed and knowing when to respond and how to respond in a split moment. Yes, and and that is actually one of the things that's most challenging. But I will say was I found most invigorating about moderated debate is that your and this is true of any live interview but on a debate in presidential debate, it's on steroids. You know you're you want to keep the conversation going you're thinking about, what's the the next subject, but also staying absolutely in the moment and trying to decide to pick up on that go I, let it go no matter how well you have prepared the real onus is on you to make the right split time decisions. Well Chris Thank you so much for making time for us on the big into today. It's been an absolute pleasure to meet you and talk to you. Well, thank you. I thoroughly enjoyed this and I must say take us through what you will. You're very good interviewer. I will treasure that through Chris.

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