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People, I feel like that was, you know. I want my ex's front row to see how good I'm doing. Oh, my God. That was good. We are not quite done. Will you guys stick around? Yes. We will have more with these two after the break. Right? We are back with newlyweds, Tarek and Heather el Moussa and it's time to put your new marriage to the test. Oh, okay. We're going to ask you questions and you will close your eyes and point to the person for the answer. Okay. Let's start with close your eyes. Who said, I love you first. Oh, that's a tough one. Well, I know the answer. I know the answer. So we had the person. Well, she made me. She should tell me you love me. What's up? Okay, well fine. Yeah. I said, tell me you love me. This is on date number three. This is like day 7, yeah. Day 7. 7 days. So it was instantaneous. You guys just loved each other immediately. I think we moved into four days and it was like right away. Yeah. We decided to be exclusive before we even did the deed. I don't know how I got sucked into that one but it worked. Yeah. I didn't go for a test drive nothing. How did you guys meet again? And bought her Ferrari. But we met in Newport Beach on his bow on 4th of July 2019, and we were both down. He was down there. I was down there with girlfriends, saw a friend on his boat that I knew and jumped down there and then it was like, love at first. She had no chance. I saw her get on my bones. I asked my future wife. Who.

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