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Bye, Cobi Jones into the lane. But it's Snared by a Creighton basketball players now across the timeline, the low post a bishop, those upper left him jump hook, and he's found on the play over Stanley, and that's just power basketball right there. Bishops really good at that. He shoots 74% from the field. That's number one in the Big East, and he's three for seven in this one. He got the ball Joe when he makes that power dribble to the left. And he gets you right in front of the basket. You're gonna finish. He's gonna finish every time there's a technical foul called on the crate in Blue Jays gonna call it on on Bishop. It was probably Wolf in Ft. Made after he made a bucket. So that'll send Johnson the line to shoot two has just made his first exit. 53 47 2nd free throw from Johnson on the way front of the rim backboard for the front of the rim again through the strings calendar. Savior of trails 53 48. They just showed a bishop was after he made a bucket and kind of flexed and was screaming and Ben Stanley's face. Just want him to just shut up and play man. Should always gotta tell you about it, and the fishes got on for the left hander fires. His free throw completes his three point play, and Xavier trails 54 to 48. Exactly nine minutes to go, is And he brings it across the timeline gives it up to Stanley High on the left point. Now, Johnson has it working on the right side of the floor for free mental back to the left side of the Florida Jones Fremantle cuts to the bucket gets a return pass from Cobi Jones tries to Duncan, but he's found heavily. Ballack and that'll send free men on the line to shoot, too. That was a nice Handoff on the look like a pick and roll and sort of a fake, picked by Freeman or what you say. Then he just released and went to the hoop in a nice pass from the freshman. He slipped us the ball, screen said instead of sending, and he just kind of slipped to the basket, there was a good pass. Show that play he's been they blocked that shot multiple times in the game. Exactly man who misses the first free throw, but that time Zach protected the ball when he received it and attack when he was attacking the basket. Second free throw all the way. It is good free man who now has seven points of the ball game for the musketeer. Xavier trails by 5 54 to 49 with 8 43 to go. Cheers back in the man to man defense bollocks with a top of the key to Jefferson. We'll give it the Mitchell. He drives the lane is he turns the corner and a finger roll. That question is, Will it count? It did go through the strings. There was a foul at the free throw on it was on the floor. Great. We'll take the ball out of bounds underneath Xavier's basket That will be the fourth team found the Musketeers. This half great also has been called before possession Arrow, by the way, favors the Musketeers break him down the basketball on the right baseline. After the right wing. Now it's taking to the point by Mitchell, keeping the dribble lives now, like with those it along the left sideline to Jefferson, about the ballot tries to drive turned back by freshman Jones out toe tag around ski. He turned the corner kicks it to the right side wide open. Three is on the way. It's off the iron and the rebounds taken by Kiki Tandy. That shot was put up Jefferson for the Great Blue Jays. Candy brings it across the timeline, turns his back to his defender. Now over to Stanley, He drives hard on this man throws up a jump hook shot over, Bishop. My goodness, That was a nice looking shot, Joe. He's left handed. Been Stanley. He's grated drive into the bucket. With that, left and like making contested shots over extended hand savior has pulled within three, trailing 54. 51 freemantle was He just called for a technical on a belief, so no, he was just called forever. All right, Time out, apparently has been called, and we're gonna take a break again, Creighton..

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