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To Shane company for a gift that's easy to love. Hi. I'm Tom Shane militia are lead designer jewelry essentials are classic pieces that every woman should on. They make perfect gifts because she can wear them with anything at Shane company. We have all the essentials diamond studs diamond hoop, earrings diamond, pendants, tennis, bracelets, and statement. Rings with diamonds, sapphires and rubies. My team is always redesigning the basics to make them anything, but basic, they still look classic. But our unique details make them beautiful from every angle far more special than the plain style sold everywhere else. Come in and see our excellent craftsmanship. You can feel how substantial each pieces because we make all of our jewelry to last a lifetime. Ladies treat yourself or put these essentials on your wishlist, you deserve something beautiful that you can wear forever. How you have a friend in the jewelry business. Shane company and shaneco dot com. I should've had Dun rite don't be that person. That says this after ordering your remodelling project. Right, dad. You've got that. Right todd. Hi, folks, Dan, Chechini, owner of dun-rite kitchens and baths windows and doors. Simply put we make people happy ever since the eighties. We've proven ourselves by being picky. Tell the folks Todd. Well, there's only one way we'll resurface cabinets. Quarter inch glued and nail. Replacement kitchens? Only custom built cabinets by our own people for a fabulous look bathrooms. You can count on the tried and true, Dun rite bathroom renovation system and windows and entry doors dad how much your two cents worth. Well, it starts with a quality window or door. Yes. But I'm here to tell you that preparation installation and finish are exactly why they'll be able to join those that say.

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