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Get pulled in mid day show but in going Roberts on a very busy Monday which turned out to be a busy Monday the jets don't go over the weekend the giant defense stock over the weekend and so this trend of bad New York football continued but Dan about ten minutes ago we were given a New York football surprise for the first time ever a jets giants trade Leonard Williams going from the jets to the giants for a third round pick and a fifth round pick that could turn into a fourth round pick if the giants sign him long term which we fully expect that they will I he did get home it is not treating a third round pick for Leonard Williams when the season is likely going no where this is probably a five or six win team there's no way you make it a trade is if you're trying to you know with the division here are trying a wildcard spot this is a move you make with an eye towards the future so we would be a stunning development of Leonard Williams is not re signed long term by the giants and so jet fans have a chance to watch Leonard Williams potentially develop if he actually does develop a these big time defensive end that we all thought he would be with the jets trapped him sixth overall maybe the bill for the giants toll free number eight seven seven three three seven sixty six sixty six I would not want what do you think the value I get it right now we have to watch you play in life every week you know and I know I train with the giants and you know you always end up being a solid the giants but the bottom line is we got the good value back and now I'm just hoping I'm hoping they don't trade industry and I think I think if the dealers right they will how did you trade in this is because if you're going to develop his quarterback was already taken steps backwards because it a brilliant coach you got to keep their the city here is about a third round pick to try to keep this quarterback it all was moving in the right direction a lot of work to do it right now because he your last year he ended here he took two steps forward and now unfortunately he got sick or changes so much on the second six steps back because your injury because it came around you know you're going you're one point you're coaching you catch reaction may be innocent you're just taking Sam and you know for the rest of the year for the letter Williams deal the value I'm good with I don't like trade with the John is not really a day okay doesn't matter you know that's at the only goal in game Bob feeling it does bother outside it no but but you're right but you're right but is it that will bother me if he has a big game against the jets but the Y. que traded the giants no no I will I give there is some debate about this song yeah there are some differences in this but the Mets were out of a pennant race and they were gonna clearly tree J. Bruce okay they thought about trading into the Yankees the Mets are out of it the World Series the Mets didn't want to do it because of a subway series that was going to occur five there are later right right did you do you think that was dumb that was done okay so wouldn't have been dumb for the jet yeah it turned out he should have done in August saying that you at you know that you know I just don't is not great that I got to see a giant so I mean you know otherwise I could care less to iris point about the giants ask yourself this if they will have the same offer from Dallas and they took it from Dallas would you have said it's great fantastic we govern the letter got a three to five or eight two is the giant aspect that's making I told you I don't care what but I results well and I don't think you should because they're not competing they're not in the same division please try the once every four years has a hard time saying the coach thinks I mean we want to say the coach they of course but I'm saying to you see him as a baby it's cold you know it may be on may be set well I mean come on Jim is going to dinner with days of now hold gazes paint Jim Jim how are you I'm very glad that are you what's on well at the beginning of the fourth season there was word that gays never wanted bell right right now you're right you don't want to pay the money you're going to say right about that exactly so do you think gates the type of guy that would cut open yes bye baby I don't and you want to die yeah I don't get a lot of maybe yeah why not why would I think that why should I like that kind of a guy that ball yeah so the guy who's a bad cold yeah right so you don't care you know I'm gonna stay gone all gonna be bad I just got to help me but I don't care what is it let's say the their shopping Livio about what getting the LaBianca very ticked off the trailer I would too but what are you getting for him I don't know look around the league what team is kind of a shop in Amman I don't buy that well I gave me the shopping him but I don't think they're gonna like with the offers are you any like a chop them all day I don't think there's anything out there that's gonna make you say oh Gee I make this deal is it Adam gazes running off franchise into the ground yes yes not at it well into the ground so I'm sick I've had a stomach ache old like I like I woke up in the middle and I is true so I will come into like to lock in one of my stomach just kill everything about the game well I'm sure that's part of it on I mean I I I think a lot of it is that you know maybe I don't I don't know if it's if I'm thinking at all it's happening and I try to handle it you know as well as I can I went out for a walk at once the one o'clock games with on now we told the one o'clock finals are in that and then at that point if you were the last game was was the Houston game used in the rating game Palestra one o'clock o'clock and one o'clock AM I think was the Tennessee game yeah right right right right that's right that's what game and I went for about a two mile walk just to get out of my good amount of well I had it when I do suck this I can't run anymore second will say as I just it is that you get it out of my brain and I came back to watch the rest of the page you can always tend not there when I got in I got it but I mean just not so I mean I just think there's no doubt the Chester affected me yeah I know that I was hoping that the nats would make me feel better in the loss of the mother the two allows the team so sometimes the distractions work to Minnesota a ten hour you could I get it done a you know what I'm every guys ever see this show on HBO many years ago called born rich one of the Johnson kids it would have been probably the owner the jets his nephew I think he was one of the Johnsons the family exactly and he goes around the interviews all his friends who are all very very wealthy and toward the other show he goes up to his father he says yeah there are really kind of don't know what I'm gonna do is my life and again is really passive tone says don't work you don't work and so then I I don't remember when woody Johnson bought the team but sure there after a P. by you by the team I think you know these guys are never going to go anywhere owners of really just doesn't care I mean just well you know I don't work it doesn't matter I've given all this money all my life who cares I mean sorry be very bad news out of this is breaking this combined with the deal and it's a common trend with a lot of teams that we both route for any of the teams that you for and I don't root for yeah I live from the guard so no it's a familiar tone we understand that but I'm going Roberts coming right back the satellite lounge presents an evening with progressive it took a bit of a risk Singin that song but of course.

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