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I'm jane metzler and fox's jessica rosenthal has the latest live jayne those home those whose homes are gone are not being allowed into the destroyed neighborhoods paul's eichelbaum is one of thousands of people whose had to find another place to live are pretty chaotic you're gonna roads though there are a lot of people looking at or water very few homes that are available only and his wife got lucky though today they sign a lease for a small house about twenty minutes from the one that burned the cinema county sheriff says the list of missing people he's looking forced down to 88 some of the fires are still burning but it is a lot less wendy so crews have been gaining the upper hand on pretty much all of them jane thanks jessica a contract worker workers from katie texas still missing after an explosion on an oil and gas platform on the we see anna's lake puncher train last night jefferson parish sheriff joseph look pinto says he's still considers this the search and rescue effort to find the missing worker in the meantime sheriff look pinto says the investigation is also focusing on what led to the explosion some of the victims have been able to communicate with us with the tell you what the source of new ignition is i think it's too premature sheriff up until says the damage joined the platform itself and the weather has hindered the investigation of it but there appear to be no apparent leakage concerns that jeopardize the environ pox as granada scott seven workers injured three critically putting to rest any talk strained relationship president trump after a white house lunch with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell the president called his relationship with mcconnell outstanding as the leaders try to move ahead on tax reform the sheer not says jared halpern in the senate this evening for seventy the naser 23 the nomination is confirmed that nomination kalisz to gingrich ambassador to the holy see fair and balanced the huge credit.

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