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Can i compliment you can get yesterday we are now hank aaron mckie wanted to the players of all time said that he would pay a ticket to come watching him i don't think you can get a complimentary talking to correct visual became the first player to represent the astros and a hall of fame in two thousand fifteen as you said you're still involved obviously with decisions and things that go on there your guy that six hundred sixty eight doubles in your career most alltime among righthanded hitters how do you now look at the game of today especially when you're as volvos you are well we had a record for strikeouts and a record for home runs head it certainly seems like the game is changing well across has changed a little bit i mean we going down in the law now guys are swinging up in the law and the process of as the game evolves things a little bit the gotta got to catch the ball and strikeouts her up palmer up know i think sometimes you equipment is a little bit better than it was back ars guys get stronger better worded and balls are gone so the game the game and in about when it's all said and done it a little things that when glad i was like like george get the guy over us it's a two run home you spoke in the game it's within the game but it's watching again itself it's it is what it is doing the ball as any different i've heard a lot of people speculated the ball and people will use the word juiced i mean i don't think that you have to use that word necessarily doesn't have to be a negative thank you think the ball is at all different i don't know i mean it's it's round it's hard so i i you're probably csak whatever the ball that players are are strong i mean equipment is good parks maybe a little bit smaller so you have kennedy of love it more than just like a conspiracy theory about all these different stuff just a little bit earlier in the overall devolve the baseball so so with that there's going to be a guy with the baseball his hand and i have to start the game a guys race thirty seven million dollars to help the air in houston and adds jj wipe.

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