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Saturday is around the corner the spring game of course it will be on national television coach always a pleasure thanks for making time and we will see very soon i hope thanks paul hoti taty you got haughty taty from ole miss you listening to the paul finebaum show podcast let's grab met next up we say matt oh i'm pissed after friday paul after hung up the phone on me i hung up on yeah you gotta ask you question you know i've heard to show your stay why did you can spend nick sabin so much didn't he did he let you have it at media days last year about camera albertson it was actually the year the year before challenged him on there and told you will never seen a bias show where you sit yesterday you sit there and man let me explain some before you give me a lecture i asked him a legitimate question based in my journalist thing journey and he did i thought he made fill out myself but that's okay we talked you know the difference between that method difference between you and me is that i'm a professional and i realized that day was over i had my say he had his and we talked after the cold hold on a second hold on you need to learn to listen for just a second okay and he apologized and we saw each other a couple of days later he apologized on air he called me after the show how sweet well no but.

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