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We talk. Sports are a chris. Ready to hear what you got froze. Who are your picks. And let's hear a little bit of reasoning as well. Okay so i have to start by saying this was actually my second mock draft. I had to refresh the page after after about the third round. It was just going a little bit too. Predictably i i wasn't comfortable in the mainstream. I needed to get out on a branch. I always wind up out on one every box every drift season. I just had to get out there so first round eleventh overall i would. Jc horn cornerback at his south carolina. Second round was even collins linebacker out of tulsa third round got. I get to the offensive line. Josh meyers into your offense of lyman from ohio. State fourth-round marvyn wilson defensive tackle because this is the joins and we can't knock drafted defensive tackle at florida state route. Six ellison smith edge out of northern iowa and round six. I get a wide receiver. Austin watkins junior now just to go back through the top ten picks for me. I had five quarterbacks go mack. Jones went third overall. But i had mica parsons. Rashawn slater cayo pits and jomar chase makeup. Four of the other five picks in front of me so i was left with devante. Smith jalen waddell christian dera saw at virginia tech and patrick 'certain and jc horn. I went with horn. Because well i just really love his game. He had a really good pro day. Recently ran the four threes. He is one of the most physical corners. I have seen in a long time. So you get that speed you get that physicality and just downright nasty. Play demeanor watching his tape. The only thing i can come up with is stefan gilmore with a key to leaves attitude and i would kind of like that guy on my defense than saving collins again. He he is big six four sixty. He's got athleticism he's got explosiveness. He's got movement skills he could play off ball or you could line him up as an edge on occasion so kind of like a I'm not gonna say mike parsons. Light or poor. Man's mike parsons but a small school. Mike parsons josh meyers similar. To maybe a strictly interior version of sean slater. He's big strong very good center. He can also play the guard positions. He he is a people mover in the run game. And i think he can be a reliable pass. Protector either guard position. I think he's got enough scheme versatility. He could do pretty much whatever they want. As far as blocking schemes marvyn wilson. I think we had a guy like this where at one point he was a first rounder. And then just fell off. Well i went with that with marvyn wilson. He's got the size. The giants like in a defensive tackle. He's got those first round traits if they can unlock them that could give them some really high quality depth an eventual starter for fourth round pick. I couldn't pass it up and then six round eller smith. I really liked what i saw from him from the senior bowl. Good size good versatility. Good athlete he kind of jumped off the field in those practice. Sessions and austin watkins. I've just really liked watching him play very smooth for a bigger receiver. He's got pretty good speed. He's got the ability to stretch the field. He can win short with his route running good hands. I think he could give them some depth at really every receiver position and he could potentially develop into a star down the line. All right guys have at it. Walk ins call chris. I watched awesome walk ins film. And i was really impressed with a nuance that he had in his ability to kind of set up those vertical routes and win. Because he's not the best athlete. But i thought he also went down to the senior bowl and i had a low key protests. I've been loved that in the six round and the jc arms a little bit unconventional. We don't we. Don't see that everywhere. But chris your own man and you know what. Jc horn is an absolute stud. So i'm not gonna sit there and complain about that pick zaven collins like you said kind of a poor man's mike. Parsons had one real year of leap production in twenty twenty at tulsa love to see him blow up back in the nfl when the to pick him up coming on the blitz because he's like two hundred and sixty pounds. So i think that's an interesting selection as well loved the marvyn wilson edition. Josh meyers. interior. The blonde and played center at ohio state indefinitely. More than likely played guard. So i like that. And i'm big ellison smith man from the from what i saw at the senior bowl and just i mean analii saw his combine numbers will combine appropriate editors. They're absolutely ridiculous. A high upside edition as well. I just. i'm a little bit questionable on if he could play the run that well in the nfl. Situational pass rusher. that can definitely pressure on the quarterback. Yeah i really like eller smith too. I think that he's a guy that is. He's gonna playing way higher than the expectations. That i think some people might have for him. He's a physical freak so somebody's going to figure out a way for him to contribute. He's definitely going to outplay. That round six six round spot that he was selected in separate from addressing. Those other needs early on you. Get a good corner with jesse horn. Absolute huge fan of zaven collins is a great snag in the second round. Who might not even be available at the eleven th pick in the second round. He might be gone pretty early at the start of the second. But the marvyn wilson one just makes too much damn sense that i have to point it out and we keep joking about it but if we're being realistic if comes round four mr dave gettleman is taking marvyn wilson. I put your money down on it. Now go put your bets in. Call your bookie that is going to happen. If he's available. I agree i. I actually wouldn't rule it out of the third round or again christian bar more if he happens to be there in the second round. The giants edited yet another alabama connection so that that one of those two just has to happen and nick referenced. Ellison smith's produce numbers and i just happened to have them up. Forty one and a half inch vertical. Jump ten foot. Seven broad twenty six reps at two twenty five and a forty of four point six nine anna seventy seven second flat three cone drill now for a guy who's what six five to sixty ish those are like. You guys said physical freak numbers absolutely. I wanted to run something before we get out of your run something by both all right before. So the giants like in the past. And no ed's brought this up on the podcast.

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