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Tell me he'll figure was founded in one thousand nine hundred eighty five. So that was founded on sort of preppy hip, cool vibe, right? That I designed for myself. Right, right. What was it like bouncing back? What was the lower back? So I mean, a couple of things first of all my my dad getting me into Harvard. Right. That was that was a huge dream of his because of Salvation Army officers. They didn't make any money. So they work together not to put all their business out. But they've worked for the Salvation Army for over thirty years and aggregate between my mother and father, total gross income over thirty plus years six hundred K, right? And so they basically put me in the school to say Ryan, you're going to be our insurance policy. Right. You're going to be our retirement plan. You're going to go to school. I got in super early. I was nineteen years old a senior at Harvard. Wow. Incredible. You know, my. I was so proud and everything then I told him I had the music buck and heels. Heels lost it, right? And so I mean, it your father Richard with watchmaker jeweler and was not a man for fantasies. You obviously had a dream. What was it like to actually show improve first of all to show improve like, look me? And my partner is going to build a store, and we're gonna build multiple stores. And then what was that moment? Like when. Okay, we got a fall chapter eleven was there a conversation that happened there with your dad, and he said, I told you so or was that something that you guys were able to work through? No, it was it was towed told you so caught occasion. And he never wanted me to go into business anyway because he wanted me to go to college. I didn't want to go to college because I figured I was going to flunk out. And what I didn't realize was that the reason I was such a terrible student in school was because I couldn't read, and I it and never knew you know, why couldn't but later on. In life. I found that I had dyslexia. And now, it's common people have dyslexia, and they, you know, go to special tutors and special schools and all sorts of things. But I they just thought I was a loser. And because I had a lot of brothers and sisters. They would compare me against like my sisters, or my brother, and I was such a bad student. The comparison between the grades. My sister was getting was year younger, and my grades were like, you know, shoot get nineties on math exams and getting like forties. And so my father thought I was a total screw up, and he you know, practically gave up on me. And I don't blame him. I understand because he thought you know, what if your sister can do why can't you do it? Yeah. And your sister your sister studies. But you don't study. What's because I couldn't read. Yeah. And I was in barest tell anybody I couldn't read because I thought that the reason it couldn't read was because it was by fault. But in reality, I I had this dyslexia. So after I decided not to go to college, my father, and I were at odds by and I started my business at the same time. The business started taking off. So he was cool. But then when it went bankrupt. He wasn't too cool. He said, I told you. Yeah. But then I got back on my feet. And then I started to build my brand, right? I wanna start Bill building my brand. I saw the future and it became a real business. And then the real business became a very powerful business that turned into what is now global right lifestyle brand right for sure. I think I think a lot of on the listeners would love to know. Once you go once you once you file chapter eleven how do you get back on your feet is it credit cards loans from family and friends those days it was cash..

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