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It's it's it's like the taryn show of podcast feeds you pick and choose which ones you wanna listen to but if you download them all that's great for us that's great for us so please do download them all make sure you play through all the ads on youtube yes absolutely coming out the back end makes you all that go to rob as website dot com you can comment on the page there you can tweet at us at armstrong taryn scott where can people find you at scott s t p or most platforms yes so if you ever want to complain about tech problem you know where to go absolutely yeah people people tweeted me and then i swear to you and i'm like well now i'm the one bugging why can't other people bug scott it's all good all right well thank you again scott for for joining me and thank you to all of the listeners all of you podcast enthusiasts all five of you that made it all the way through no i think i think people especially the the true rha people not if you don't hear this actually we should have a hashtag now to see if anyone made it to the end the chew chew r j p fans what's it gonna hashtag we can just make it hashtag scott sdp scott tpc because i'll be very unique yes there you go all right well yes is tweet at us hashtag scott sdp and thank you for joining us i'll see you next time.

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