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Really so What They were born unlike these, people That's what God decided Junie b. And when I Races of myth are racist. Picked for us and we don't have a choice so why should why people feel guilty about something. That they didn't. Do their the was. The picture we're the minority they. Didn't pick it What, I'm saying is we came here as your Rubens we as Nigerians we came here as. People with the national identities but then everybody was grouped into something called black and when I talked to white people. Their polish their playing Just playing But then there's identification construct The sign said white, only colored only against what You better know. Who you, are get that side and the Irish sociologically speaking we're able to. Intermarry blacks could not marry is. Called Mary up you've heard that term before having that's what, people will do when they become to. This country they. Were looking for a way out people were changed your last Italians vows on the end. Of their names, because they were seen as big So you want to, be like the English so we look. At the royals. But people tend to forget how the Royal became royals became Royal they were brutal conquerors The charter was signed, with twelve hundred AD so that was a long time but we. Did what we need Of africa Okay When the? Who. South The, issues need to. Be but it's interesting you missed mentioned the the Royal family who who integrated with. Long before the Kennedys that's all. I'm going to say I love everybody Yeah you every other family has, as racially mixed but the, Kennedys, they'd love black people so much but you look at their little Christmas card, I'm just, saying the royals, now have, a little bit of spice but that. Cracks me up they. They Mitt Romney called him on all these kind of names and every other the bushes everybody else's. Integrated you know. Just like America and not the Kennedys they are holding strong we have an hold. Another segment on the other side. Of the Democrats And. We're going to talk about. Maybe what your affiliation is. But really..

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