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Factors into these things but one thing is for sure the Philadelphia eagles believe Carson Wentz can elevate this crew of a rag tag is between you know a dying out Sean a guy that makes the figure an entire season basically into Sean Jackson and just go back in rest on their laurels of you know what did work I know we don't have Jordan Howard here but Boston Scott man he looks like he's gonna have a promising career which is semi the same thing we said about you know Corey Clement who's moved on to hopefully better pastors because man we are back to back years of of the injuries and being a part of that Super Bowl then suddenly not being here too yeah I I feel that's fueling Boston Scott in the same way and then you look at the the the obvious one in miles Sanders where there are a ton of people not going mad he's going to get to that elite level you just wait and see like this was now he's got its legs underneath them oh my god you know you're going to hopefully see one of best backs in the league one of Carson Wentz is biggest weapons and then somebody reminds you about then you remember when Donovan had Brian Westbrook absolutely I do one of the most alternate weapons against what he didn't have the T. V. you know I it's it's a it's a recycled feeling almost that you know it instead of dealing with the the talented guys and let me tell you this talented wide receivers do matter do matter and they continue to matter otherwise what the hell would there be such an importance on corners and pass rushers and less on linebackers and running backs pretty much just I mean it's it's it's if one is important about covering the other then wide receivers definitely matter this whole plug N. play thing that is starting to switch around a little bit use inferior rating to me do you think by any means that Ben Roethlisberger has the career he does especially towards the middle of the end and the same arguments that I'm sure they were making in Pittsburgh well you know we won super bowls without guys like Antonio brown or whatever we also put up massive records you are you at every opportunity to be back in the Super Bowl again and again each year because of those guys in because of your ju ju Smith Schuster is and the rest of them and Mike Wallace honestly before that like the M. S. initially the judge said Mike Wallace might well isn't that good but he was spectacular there you know and and that jumpstarted his career right up until the one year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles trying to go win a Super Bowl again there are massive examples on where wide receivers are helping out cornerback are quarterbacks white why is it that we're talking about it with Tom Brady and you know the the the wide receivers he has down in Tampa oh my god yes that forget the the the under throws to Mike Evans are still flying because you can go out and grab him and Chris Godwin always that everybody gets excited about it why because they know they can score points the same way that with Bruce Arians everything that is that is managed in this league is about stopping people from catching the damn football all of it matters all of this matters especially now that you're looking at the Arizona Cardinals everybody is salivating over men if Kyler Murray in this college dude works out with clif clean Kingsbury they're going to have one of the most lethal offenses in the league in colors you know clearly more eclectic than Carson Wentz but I mean and obviously less injury prone younger the whole thing less money you know it's it's it's what you're supposed to do every every NFL it GM says go get weapons for your young quarterback while you can and suddenly once you pay the quarterback that thing goes out the window because your quarterback supposed to be good enough to go and do that but when it comes to question his development is not like everyone else it just isn't and it's unfair to expect him to just be suddenly be this guy now after the thing he knew coming into this league is now thirty five thirty six thirty seven players less I can't remember what the Super Bowl who's left on the Super Bowl roster at this point but that's what it should look like it's with a bunch of guys that one with out him you know that we're not a part of this team that is definitely factoring in here this is this is all a part of this is Rick and we all thought all men now now the eagles are giving the keys over to Carson Wentz in a way from Nick Foles No Way they're just starting that this year it was impossible to do that for three years they ignored all of this stuff because they were going back to trial two years I guess I should say not all three it because it does make sense of the time like but it overall you know they their goal was to go win the Superbowl their their goal was not on Carson Wentz and in the long term effects of of all of this stuff happening around them that's why we debated about it that's why there's anonymous sources that's why you have you know all of that in fact I would even say that it validates a lot of that stuff doesn't and it's not I'm not saying that Carson is poisonous or if it's not an attitude or whatever it's not it has to do with any of that it's this kid from the Midwest who is it nice as can be who you know has experienced a lot of different things in his NFL career so far the ups and downs of it being nominated as the number three overall player in the NFL's top one hundred which is meaningless and arbitrary and you and I both know that but it still matters to players in the perception of all this and then ever since that moment in his injury people still think about it it's all they really bring up when they critique his career and and I do think how all of this has been handled has been incredibly unfair to Carson in the long term I and I said that at the time too it's not revisionist history this is this is the result of years and years of neglect here of trying to glue these things together to you know push it back to where they were trying to go you know and it's it's a confusing time only because we all are sitting here knowing yes that play makers or the number one thing on the board for Carson in the rest of this but I I just feels like they have a different plan here because of the world around us that has changed over the last few weeks then you have to adjust and be ready for all those things so were I thought they were on planes B. and C. with Byron Jones to Darius slay they might be in plans C. M. D. with like their offseason program and they're still waiting to see how things end up shaking out here after you get past seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty and there's been a lot of suggestions on how to get up how to go back all of this but I've come to the conclusion of three things as were rolling along one they desperately want playmakers and I think they are not as confident as they once were about landing them we're expecting them to be there where they're at two I do think that they put Carson Wentz at a different level than maybe some of us doing especially me because if they are believing that Carson Wentz doesn't need you know that that alternates play maker not just a pass catcher that either Doug can throw or scheme open or Carsten can throw open not like that you know it's a great wards are nice you know even even this version of Alshon Jeffery is nice it okay won't say nice I say it's okay you know what M. and we've seen Carson do great things with okay and we've seen him do really terrible things with okay the same with Doug Pederson and honestly if if it's really between one or two of those guys who needs the most help at this particular time I would say it's Doug Pederson Carson Wentz you know Doug has been more than adaptable to a bunch of different things but if of of anybody in this organization not not Carson not you know Jim Schwartz not anybody else Doug Pederson despite the contract in the immediate contract of him being extended after the Super Bowl it never really feels like he is a major voice in this thing it's either it's it's very odd and weird how Carson in dog or the way that they are it looks like everyone else on this team has either so much power or a bigger voice ends it with the culture doesn't seem like that's changing Jim does his thing on defense they were lying on him is it I mean it had reportedly Jeff McLane has been on this for a long time I don't disagree with anything that he is reported so far and it's specially with how you see all these different things line up like the power dynamics are weird for what we perceive as who is the most successful in this franchise right now and that's a and it's an odd thing that is still kind of hanging in the air even though you know they tell us everything's fine the gym it and and you know Doug and Carson everybody else gets along like it's peaches and cream I'm not buying that it seems like one side is buddy Ryan one site is Mike Ditka I've always felt that way in a mini version of this and Doug Pederson's different from complete beginners often to buy than them then did carry any of that stuff but it's I don't I don't think that that's particularly normal in a in an NFL room like yes I'm not expecting a the offense of got a peek its head into the defense a rule and vice versa because everybody kind of does their own thing but in terms of like the power structure that's in there I still think that's a little weird and granted the same way that Carson came in here with a bunch of different guys that were here before him Doug did the same thing he can pick his own staff he hung out with a lot of leftovers not only from you know Andy but from chip Kelly to brought some of them some guys in the least we think you know that the relationship with Frank Reich maybe that was there but you know Jim Schwartz was hired before he was officially announced and it's not likely that they can't talk in in in core need all those things together I'm just saying Duggan Carson or in an interesting same boat together that we don't really think up terms of development they've all had success in they've all had a lot of different you know if chief for the dead what's that not resistance but that lot of determination lot of gumption bid to to deal with all of the stuff they've been dealing with and and they both desperately need playmakers and honestly if we're choosing just between Duggan Carson who needs the most deadly this for his offense if they don't like it's not the I I don't think it's particularly close it's what's taken away all that large big place they've had is healthy great deal but I did bodies at that wide receiver that's why you use the explosive if big skews me the explosiveness ends up going away and you know we're all sitting here going bad the December doesn't believe me do you think is is a bunch of practice squad cars and on and on and on they have if they've done dug a issue a larger disservice over the last couple of years to me that they have Carson but interesting how they've they've kind of now rallied around I guess those two to to finally like have their voices be at least on the on a platform where they can be heard a little louder here two one five five nine two ninety four and ninety four let's go to my he gives them who's a check and it was gone I'm like you're the bar to jump out of a man big fan appreciate a man what's on what's on your mind I think by looking there what day because it's done so far like trying to reverse engineer what they have there's there's no way they can not not take a wide receiver early like us because they don't go out and get some type of wide receiver that were available for what I like a lot of fans think was not a high asking price shows that they definitely have to go into something because what they have just isn't enough you know yeah I just don't feel like you can go into the sea world what day Adnan and expect Hey we're we're trying to do what we can do our quarterback you know to try to make one simple what we did tell you Mike to you if they if they take what's even see the go later than expected let's say they don't take a wide receiver to the third and fifth rounds what's your reaction you know the Monday morning after the the draft is done do you feel confident or do you just be like man I hope they are I hope they're right now I don't feel like that the team is given me enough over the years to prove that they can draft county wide receivers in those late round like for forty two years old a wide receiver's been a problem for.

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