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What's it called the the little of the God? What's that thing called -iety yeah she? He was saying both had caused her so much pain and discomfort that he didn't want her to have to do that but he was just saying you know they're in a place of trying to figure out they're not one hundred percent sure if they want kids but they're not a hundred percent sure that they don't want kids but yeah I mean Easton in both eastern and Marc Keller like I mean the amount of messages and emails. I think we've diamonds in the rock. Yeah so we agree. Thank you saying that but it does it. I I think that the defendant men here but I think guys who just kind of oblivious you know they're just raved. I girls are on the pill that'll take care of that but they need to be educated than eighty realize that. That's not just a simple thing is now like taking a vitamin every day. It can mess you WAB. It's great we got amy off the pill very quickly when we were first together. Because it's just not good so you do. I don't WanNa get okay. I actually got a ton of messages last week about your ovulation cycle and how it can be different for every everybody has a different ovulation cycle every month for everybody. Yeah like this one woman said that like Hershey Oscillates like three days worship period. I was like Oh yeah I was gonna say because I find it and you know how so. Many people accidentally get pregnant when there's only only certain few days to it is kinda crazy how that happens but yeah it was a good conversation we do need to have another mantle. I love the mantles I would love to have mark in eastern on the man all and then have like my one other time. Yeah Yeah Single Guy. Anybody come to mind from our universe 'cause eastern and I are here anyway right like someone that we can snag snatch them up. Uh someone fully single consoles. Okay there you go. There's the next time yeah. Hey coming to see us in San Francisco because you should Marines Memorial theatre in San Francisco ticket to ticketmaster to come February. I that is right around the corner partner said is look at that. You're going to be there in San Francisco the night before the Super Bowl which which features San Francisco. I know. I did notice that. That's going to be crazy that we can noted games out there forty niners fans. You'll be going nuts that we can be right there in the heart part of it. All I know I went to the Super Bowl in San Francisco with amy one year when it was there really. That was the last time I was in San Francisco. Well for the forty niners thing but actually that was like so quick when we did the podcast. The giant. Sorry for the giants This'll be my first time background. I'm spending the weekend candid there so yeah rally time. Well I hope you go and see this show 'cause it's GonNa be fun scrubbing and live and if you're going to stay at the Viceroy Hotel Group. I was just gonNA share that my personal feeling that. They're the best place to stay hotels. zillow's hotels Zeppelin Hotels Zada. They're all part of the Viceroy. Hotel can't go wrong. I was GonNa say I came in this morning. Massmart I said have you guys written any of the truth or dare to their drink questions yet and he was like well. That's a reveal right there that we're GonNa play Truth San Francisco. Oh Shit isn't it. I think that's okay. Okay okay. That's a teaser. Exciting for people hope. I just had a moment. Deny mark reminds me his humor. Jeez rover Hover Kinda Yeah. I don't think I've ever met Robert Hue robber. Have I think so. Yeah he's never been on our podcast not single so there are mantle eh but man what a great one. Yeah that's a compliment. Thank you well ticket. Well there we go get Nicholas. Okay just take Robert. That's much more pleasant for me and then February thirteenth at their auction Elliott sold out. But that's going to be a fun show as well and the reason we ever written the truth a drink questions and by the way we wouldn't tell you in advance anyway because I don't like you guys being able to come up with answers in advance because then you'll never drink you'll find a way to answer it without drinking. It's better if you panic manic better. If we ask you a question they make you panic internally and try to decide if you'll answer it or not so you won't know in advance. You shouldn't have to really think about this because it is a challenge. It was very very difficult last time. It's hard questions at Tanya will not answer very very open with Becca. It's hard to come up with questions that that you will answer but are also very personal and invasive. I'm the one who really get screwed in this thing. Basically think so. Yeah Yeah Sober Sally over there on just like exciting and drunk. Yeah eggplant. My bottom happens happened people literally talking about playing. Well that's the thing is is Tanya might hesitate to answer that question. That's why we came up with the question was the strangest thing you've ever put in your era or that's ever Bandini rear end with Becca. It's a different situation. 'cause we also want to be respectful to you. We don't you want to prey on the spot with stuff that you don't WanNa talk about that so it's a fine line right and to be honest I feel like I'm pretty open about most things except for my dating dating life. So there's a lot of there really isn't more options but that's the thing that everyone ask about so that's why it feels like Oh. I'm so private in close up but really that's the main. That's really the only thing that I hesitate about talking about. Well maybe we'll get the rear end question this time rate. You look forward to it but we also don't want to be drinking the whole time like you got a good balance in Hawaii. I like I gave it a drink. Lambert over those. Those are some good questions labor over this and honestly I would have thought the one about being in Tanya's by what have been like I drink by John you know and by the way we got some good way off the facebook group last time. We'll probably try that again to. It's GonNa be fun that that show if you don't have to. I mean I think it's almost sold out if on that so anyways get those. It's GonNa be a rage fast. Ram The best time. I'm so excited our first scrubbing. Do you want to be a part of history withdrew. Do you want to be a part of history artist. Cherry Pop God. Why are you always make things a what on comfortable? How comfortable are live? Show Cherry pop come pop. Our Cherry Mash should be the slogan for San Francisco. Show by the way I wanted to run these by you. So during the episodes I R- I write down possible titles for the episode based on things that are said throughout the episode so then we can vote as to what you guys like is the actual title. It's kind of funny because people listening to this know what you chose because they saw the title when they downloaded so here we hear your options and I think I have my favorite but I wrote down I comes. I wrote Down Sandy Happiness. I wrote down a diamond in Iraq. I wrote down chosen and wrote down. She doesn't get the ring I think she doesn't get the Ringwood Pique my interest at like she doesn't get the ring but I also like the song so I like a diamond in Iraq because you said it twice now and it's not the actual frazier trying to say but it is not. It is diamond in the rough. No it's a diamond in because diamonds come out of Iraq. Diamonds are made inside of rock. Aren't they not what I'm saying is what you were trying to say was diamond in the rough. That's right no it's not tallet US trying to say diamonds are in Iraq's inner they're built wrong so it's like there's diamonds and then there's rocks Regino the expression of diamond in the rough. I don't know the but I meant what I said. Okay Fair enough then. We'll just leave it at that. Hey I think grace's back this week loop the O- now that I'm not really watching all that besides just like as you're watching those episodes like finish the morning show stopped cheers Grayson. Here is the morning show. I get stressed out when I'm midseason on multiple shows commit season Mazel too. Good okay so we're having a little Justin Chambers Kinda hangover with graves. But we'll see little thing is really strong when it comes back to make us get over it a little bit. Yeah it's gotta be strong like a car in a bar all right. Well Yeah I just you know. I'm a little better. I guess about the whole Justin Chambers thing so now she's going to drink her like vitamin juice out just keeping. It's so we've established that Sohn's e can literally be whatever you want to be any. It's an adjective for anything. We'll take a little bit like I feel like I use when I'm like I'm not great. Use It for you said Taylor keeping it Sohn's e by not. I posted doing the carpet with her boyfriend. Taylor kind of keeping it solo right. So that's a different meaning. Yeah okay let's original`mine it's correct meaning no original though gene right on that note. It's time to go. I'm going to be on time next week. Go where.

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