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That if someone studies tauro that is akin to them planting spiritual seeds. When you plant seeds you hope that they they cultivated and they eventually surface and you have a yield you have produce. You have bounty. You have crops. But what's going to be something. Plant the seeds and dual the initial work. And then they're going to ignore the harvesting season and allow all their crops being by the wild animals. That is studying without reviewing. If you think about it we we think that reviewing is like an extra something comes afterwards. It's not the essential part of learning you learn and then maybe review which is a nice thing here told it's the opposite. Learning is just planted seeds reviewing that is when you harvest it. That's when you take it home so to speak domino's hasn't very sterry follow state statement and this is in the book. Sandra page ninety nine at the very bottom. It says if someone studies tower and forgets it. It's akin to a woman who gives birth and tragically has to bury their child. Meaning if we're exposing us healthy as tauro. It's important that we don't lose that just like you have a child beautiful vain. You don't want god forbid lose that and it's commentaries explain ear that it's a little embarrassing to and it's giver when people don't cherish it. If you buy a rolex you wanna wear proudly you. Don't just leave around you put in a safe. You made sure that it's you always know where it is. You have tohra. it's more valuable than a row. Let's could you believe that it's more valuable you want to retain it and the way you treat it after you already have a. You've accessed it now. How do you treat a now that shows that demonstrates that exhibits the kind of relationship that you have with. It's now the commentaries. Tell us that we studied tower. We must review many times for example. I was always told you sheva..

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