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That's the thing. People today use text messages much differently than they did twenty years ago. Yeah, I have bosses who text me too. I mean that you would never have done that even ten years ago, right? Yeah. People do do job interviews via tax car dealers will contact you via text heart. Listen, it's it's beyond just a convenience thing. And in terms of how it is the government looks at it. The C T A is a. Is an industry. Representative group represents US wireless communications industry, like AT, and T and sprint T, mobile, etc. See TIAA says that texting is an information service think of something like Email. It's not a telecommunications service. And the difference is an information service is not subject to the California Public utilities commission authority, and what they're saying is since it's an information service like Email. You can't put a tax on it. If it was a telecommunications service think of it as Netflix or Hulu or something like that you may be able to put a tax on it. Now, they're saying that it will be a flat surcharge per customer one. Another one of those stupid things at the end of your Bill that nobody understands and very few people even look at. Some of the business groups have opposed the idea bay area council, the California chamber of commerce, the Silicon Valley leadership group, they calculated the new charges for wireless consumers could total about forty four and a half million dollars a year. So how much how much money do you think the state spends every year on things like making phone service accessible to the poor the public purpose program budget? Has climbed to almost one billion dollars nine hundred ninety eight million dollars last year. And the telecom industry revenues that fund this program have actually gone down over the last six or seven years. And the the simple simple math is that. That's unsustainable. The says listen from a consumer point of view this surcharges may be a wash because if more surcharge revenues come from texting services last would be needed from voice services. This this is a this is the map. This is the mental gymnastics that these bureaucrats go through so they can add a tax to Bill and say, well, you know, we're texting more than we're using our voices. So we should tax the tax more than the boys says. The spokeswoman says generally those consumers who create greater texting revenues may pay a bit more, whereas consumers using more voice services may pay less. So is that a way for you to push people away from texting I don't I don't. So we're going to call each other more. Oh god. That's never gonna happen. Joe was the last time I called you on the phone. I do. Call people though, I'm a little old school seven seven years. I think I've known you seven years. Yeah. I think maybe I've called you twice. Yeah. Ever cookies, just kidding. There are no other local state or federal programs that tax texting texting that. Anybody knows of the wireless industry has argued that the state commission like I said, it doesn't even have the grounds to do. So because they want texting to be seen as an information service like Email, not telecommunication service like something else would be so beyond that, listen, the wireless industry also says that if you put a surcharge on texting just the normal texting that appears on your phone it would put carriers at a disadvantage with something like Facebook messenger, or what's up or the little conversations that you can get into on Instagram because those don't count as text messages, you're using your data. Or if you're on wifi are using WI fi to communicate with somebody. But those don't count as text messages and those kinds of services, basically, triple the volume of a wireless carriers share of. The more than three trillion. Text messages that were sent this year alone. So the idea that you're going to go all that would do is drive people away from just texting on your phone. Or if you have an iphone? I message right? You're I is don't count that way. So really, I don't text that much you. I message all the time. Yeah. But you don't text message anymore. See that's. It's like somebody from my. I mean this in the best way possible mom and dad, but it's like my mom and dad trying to put a tax on text messages. Like, they don't understand that. There's ways to get around it. My dad texts more than I do. He does. All.

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