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Is a guy will come in with a light purple shirt, Maybe a purple sweater like gray slacks and black shoes. And you go. Wow, that is a nice outfit. And you have a choice And for me, that's when I learned it. I knew color is money. It's the color of money. You need to know how to be simple and classy. How to take the pants the shirt the belt and just keep it simple. And the key word his color should blend because their value in color With that. Heavy duty. Shut on. How was starting the show, Which we're calling the color of money would be back in a minute. Always in fashion thistles, Mark Weber. This is always in fashion. When I think about the single most important item and a man's wardrobe, it's a shirt. After all the shirts that's right up by your face. And it's the platform from which you were seen. The right shirt. The right call the right fit says so much about you. Well, I work for venues and most of my career, and I know the company. Company was built on innovation. Fashion is a given. But innovation is something that someone needs a vision. The people have been using have always had it from the beginning to now. And you said, makes a product with a flex college. The column moves with you. It's incredible how comfortable that collar is particularly in a dress shirt because over time The fabric shrinks gets tight around the collar, but not van used this Fleck scholar, But the newest innovation is something that I find incredibly interesting stained shield. I know for myself my best items. The things I love the most. I'm always worried about ruining them, and nothing is hid it more than stains. Drink wine. Have some mustard. Some catch up. You know, I know sometimes was sloppy. Can't help yourself and your room you shirt, then using invented stained shield. No matter what Now, whether it's coffee, wine, mustard, ketchup, you name it hits your shirt. It will not stain. Because of the special drying properties of this new technology. It disappears. You wipe it off, and you're good. This is a remarkable achievement. Especially those of you who big shots and business you with the business lunches. Okay, you go out. You have a business lunch of being cool. You think you're great and boom, Something gets on your shirt. You ruin it. He's surprised how when it's washed the doesn't come back to normal, then using innovative flex collar stained shield. Amazing, and of course, the fashion is always spot on. Speaking spots, then use and stained shield. Great new innovation. Try it out. Welcome back to always in fashion. Here's your host Mark Webber. Richard, I want you to be truthful. Anymore. I want them to turn black. Girl find Christy best song flows. My head feels hard. This goes to accept the fact that we're in business for one reason to make money, few colors.

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