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Noted aim i g sports network branded when bush passpart career i 280 ran for two touchdowns number three notre dame what it seven straight forty eight to thirty seven over wake forest the irish said season highs with three hundred and forty passing yards 700 and twenty total yards the spy plane last three quarters without running back josh adams because of a concussion we'll go shotgun ball stole the ryan has relied outs love water i merely asked a snap gets it looking less sidesteps up in the pocket throws that's gonna be all work out boston up forty three on wall us a call for the va inside the body and walk out the interception you one arid arava late tonight clemson tigers sports that were from layer field came on wallace picking off ryan finley and the gates finalplay tapie in feast or ran for an eighty nine yard touchdown number four clemson holding off 20th reagan with carolina state eight thirty one the eight one tigers intercepted finley three times but didn't take their first lead all until the third quarter second out of six turkey vijay singh soares the core.

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