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Welcome to the show on higher peaks lady. Sativa all right hey welcome back. We are doing an episode today. Actually it's midnight right now today tomorrow. I like these late when sometimes though so we're doing special episode because we need to talk about the southern Oregon fires that we're experiencing and you know it's kind of a sidetrack from the whole. You know cannabis thing which we're GonNa talk stuff about but. I think people need to know our side of it what's going on and like the local information versus what people are seen on the news. So, we'll talk about that. I want to do some housecleaning real quick. Episode Seventy Seven episode seventy seven with second. Gen. Jd apparently, you caught this when you're doing youtube. But I cough like five minutes of ending. Whatever I didn't have the end of it. The numbers didn't do bad and I didn't get any emails from listeners. So I guess no one really well, not cared but they'd probably thought it was just me screwing up I guess. Shit. But but I did fix that since you caught that. And that's fixed. So if you want to go back and listen to like five six minutes, I'm he knits there now some. Sounds complete I did do it Okay and just to add to this house cleaning bullshit you got me high. On a DAB in all on this last episode on eighty. Now, that's fun with curious about cannabis and you can hear it right off the bat when. Is The show. Senate. Like I was a half rack deep and it was just one hundred milligrams of some of that additional ten dirty arm. Here's the deal we have not been doing a lot of edibles last months after that Daf I was I was knocked down for two days like I was I was I couldn't wake up for two days like I just walked around like a Zombie in some pretty careful. You definitely pushed the other one away and said you didn't want it so I ended up taking it well, and I just I think I need to build my tolerance up again before I, start hitting hard because it wasn't fun being tired for today's. Like taking a sleeping pill didn't wear off for two days right? Go daft so. And I do have to bring up to new or two newest Patriot members patrons. Yes Pat Thank you very much. It's Michael Spangler and Jeff Janey Harper. Say Guys. We appreciate it So the to to patrons. Michael's actually incudes is that what you're GONNA say? Michaels on the influence or tear which is cool. He's going to have some say he's GonNa have some voting power on things that we we ask and do. And have some input. So smart guy we've actually shared emails back and forth in you know he's smart rue read one of his emails the show before and he's actually some point decided said he wants to move down to at least southern Oregon I don't know where. Somewhere down here he's up in. Lebanon and says, the politics are still kind of..

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