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Months might not be an appealing choice for some, but there's a lot more room for indoor dining this weekend, with capacity now increased to 75% Paul. The Castro has more restaurants and bars, joined the rest of the state and welcoming back more patrons on Friday, the move just happened to coincide with Governor Cuomo announcing that the statewide positivity rate dropped to its lowest, says October 22nd toe 1.22%. In addition, City hair salon His barber shops and other personal care businesses are also being bumped up to 75% capacity. Paul de Castro. WR news Former Mets manager Bobby Valentine says he's running for mayor of Stamford, Connecticut, the 70 year old Stamford native announcing his candidacy with the video on Social Media. He's running as an independent and joins a race that includes two Democrats incumbent Mayor David Martin and state representative Caroline Simmons. Valentine owns a sports bar in Stamford and previously served as the city's health and public safety director in 2011. That was before he was hired to manage the Boston Red Sox. Actress and model Tony Containers passed away contain gaining fame in the 19 eighties for appearing in rock videos, including one for the song Here, I Go again by white Snake. Contained dying yesterday at her home in Newport Beach. At the age of 59. No Cause of death was disclosed. The news is brought to you by Dr Lieberman's Radiosurgery, New York, called to 12 choices for more information and listen to Dr Lieberman's Radiosurgery show Coming up Next here on 7 10. W.

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