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Komo news. With Elisa Jaffe, I'm Tom Glasgow. Jeremy grater is at the editor's desk, as we take a look at some of the day's top stories, senior Trump administration officials say the theme of the president's state of the union address will be choosing greatness at the White House. Today officials briefed reporters what topics to expect the president to focus on Trump will highlight illegal immigration at the border and US trade deals with China, Mexico and Canada Virginia governor Ralph Northam is issuing an apology after a picture of him in a racist. Costume was leaked from his nineteen Eighty-four medical school yearbook. Democratic presidential candidates Hooley and Castro and Kamala Harris have called on north them to resign. House. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says she will allow a floor vote on any bipartisan border security proposal crafted by congressional negotiators. However, she also stood by her assertion that there's not going to be any wall money in the legislation. President Trump accused Pelosi of playing games telling reporters if there's no wall, it doesn't work. Komo's Jeff Pohjola spoke with. ABC's? Stephanie Ramos has been covering this story. But it seems like we are just back to square one when we're two weeks away from yet another government shutdown. You're absolutely right. We are so close to that were I just started a month ago. But house speaker Nancy. Finding her ground. See that. Going to be any wall money in any in in the legislation. Hello. The folks involved in in in these negotiations that they should feel free to reach a consensus. Pretty confident, but Democrats will not allow this. Produce an agreement that provide any funding to construct physical barriers along the border. So what's next low? It's kind of unclear whether there will be another. Negotiations. But the president is is also standing his ground. Good. Declare a national emergency to. To build his wall. We'll get to the national emergency part of it in just a moment. But the difference in these negotiations is that it's not congressional leaders and the president trying to reach an agreement. It's a conference committee, isn't it? It is it is a conference committee and. She's gonna let them do their work. They that they know they know their brief they know their limitations in terms of. They have to choose the best way to use the money for the American people says she has confident in this group. Just is basically brushing off beat the president has has put up. Just a day after that conference was hallowed was saying that Republicans on this committee were wasting their time. Have we heard anything from congressional Republicans? I mean. Many Republicans are pushing for physical barriers, Sal, they've kind of gotten away from the word, all and. Having these talks. They're holding Democrats enforcer or touting smarter border security repeatedly pushing technology solution. As opposed to the wall, they want they border security, but nothing fall. But what we're here for congressional? The are continuing to push for physical barriers, and if they don't reach an agreement the government will run out of money on the fifteenth of February is that's when the continuing resolution ends and the president has threatened declaring a national emergency. That's likely to end up in the courts, isn't it possible? It made it also unpredictable. It would be in Mosul makers and Capitol Hill fade eight beat really unfortunate. If we end up in another government shutdown, but it seems as though president set low expectations for the Puerto carpets associations, but he told reporters that. There's a good chance to off to declared that national emergency. And he told reporters to listen closely during the state of the union next week. Digesting that he might address the potential for a national in that speech ABC. Stephanie Ramos speaking with komo's Jeff Pohjola..

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