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And that has taken many millions of dollars a years of effort to get to the point where now you can ask if the permission can we try this human? So it's a it's a lot of effort, establish the safety and efficacy animals, and then you go to the FDA say I'd like to run trials try the Swiss with humans who really may not have any alternatives to heal injuries. So we're really excited to be able to just. Start doing that in the next eighteen months. What's the working relationship with the FDA? Like how often do you have to check back in with them at each step of the process than how arduous is the approval? Well, the has been great actually to work with you know you hear horror stories but we have found that they are very forthcoming will give you a lot of implants taken the approach of talk with them early and often. And we really benefited from that. So we we think the FDA for helping us understand what what's required. So almost caught up to where you are right now but there's so much more to talk about here Louis. Let's pause one more time with Louis Alvarez. He's the founder of Thera- adaptive. He's a US Army veteran and we're talking about ways to regenerate bone and tissue to help our wounded warriors and Americans dealing with all sorts of issues. Perhaps down the road, we'll be right back. Welcome back to veterans chronicles happy to be joined today by Luis Alvarez a US Army veteran west point graduate, and he's now the founder of adaptive and we've been talking about pursuing this vision of making more regenerative bone and tissue material to help our wounded warriors and its technology and and developments that could certainly help Americans dealing with all sorts of injuries and other ailments as as time goes on. So.

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