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Twenty eight degrees near our high for the day right now where the storm warning starts there in the afternoon into tomorrow six to ten inches of snow coming WBZ news time, seven forty five time for sports in Joshua morning. Audibles have to do is keep it up. If they want a shot at drafting Zion William center bar j Barrett. Either. One of the Duke refreshments projected to be available with one of the top two or three picks in the June draft. The bulls are within a game of Cleveland for worst record in the NBA getting blown away in Denver with their ninth straight loss. One thirty five one zero five down many as forty nuggets at twenty three's Lauri Markkanen twenty seven and ten in the defeat mammary twenty-five for the winning nuggets who beat the bulls twelve straight in Denver. The bulls practice mid day for Miami. In town tomorrow Murray state beat eastern Illinois, Eighty-three sixty one the other projected top three NBA draft. Pick is Murray. States Jameh rant lead twenty seven points in the win over eastern, including some fantastic highlight dunks drawing. Comparisons to Russell Westbrook is Marantz who also had nine assists for Murray. State. Milwaukee drops you I see Eighty-one sixty nine the flames while behind on a thirteen three Ron at the end of the first half get as close as four with seven minutes left, but dropped to three and three and horizon league play the Cougars role at three in the whack Chicago state falls, the Grand Canyon, eighty forty six. Michigan state seven in the big ten six in the nation. The Spartans suppressed Nebraska, seventy sixty four northwestern tips at six at Rutgers after coughing up. A one nothing lead Brandon. Saad of the Blackhawks spend most of the third period New York playing catch up before suffering their fifth loss in a row to the Rangers. Four to three. The hawks have the league elite low sixteen wins last the NHL with forty one points debrincat Saad and Dominic who and score in the defeat. Patrick Kane did have an assist five hundred fifty four ties. Doug wilson. For third in hawks history. Hawks Washington Sunday at eleven thirty snows common. But baseball's on our minds right cubs convention opening night the theme of the weekend. Maybe I'll the cubs can sue the lingering sting of last season's sudden end and manager Joe man's entering the last year has contract. The team is still not expected to sign any big name agencies off season. Manny Machado remains available to the White Sox. And other teams they've got a deal on the table for Machado. But he's still on the market football writers vote Matt Nagy coach of the year conference championships Sunday. The Rams go to New Orleans three point dog and Kansas City's a three point favorite over to liens in the late game. Northern Illinois is expected named Thomas hammock. It's new football coach. I'm hold of the bears Josh list. Newsradio seven hundred five point nine. FM stylized.

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