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Showing at the ordway theater for performing arts downtown Saint Paul and the show is going to be running February nineteen th through the twenty four so through the weekend. N Nick, thanks for hanging out with us. Hi, it's actually not Nick Adams. It's Nick blame ir. I play Mendel. But there are two Nixon the show. So it's a columnist. I'll totally forgive you. Well, thank you. Thank you. Nick. How are you? Enjoying your first minutes. No. Well, I've heard that before today. Yeah. I know. Thank you it. And honestly, I'm into it. Like, we I'm really enjoying the change of venues across the country and getting to see, you know, these these cities in their in their true blue Saint Paul is so crazy with all the snow Joe my hotel window right now. And it just is it looks like a winter wonderland. You're ready to go make a snow angel. I gotta tell us what this show Falsettoes is about. Okay. So it's it's a masterwork. I gotta say I mean, I didn't write it. So I'm not bragging about myself. But I am bragging about our our writers James the pine and William Finn there to luminaries of the musical theater field and the show was written in nineteen seventy nine which makes it especially Prussian. It's about a man who leaves his wife for another man and that man's wife goes to to therapy because she's. Sort of freaking out about losing her. Her husband and therapist is played by me. And I ended up marrying his ex wife and sort of gray shading myself into this new unconventional looking family and sort of helped raise their their son. Jason who's about to have a bar mitzvah. So it's a pretty it's a pretty unique set of circumstances. Well, you know, you're not supposed to engage in sexual activities with your clients, right? Thankfully, I'm not a therapist in real life. Would anyone want me to be in the show yet? I he is crossing some some lines for sure it sounds like, you know, I was doing some reading about it. And it it was nominated for five twenty awards, including best musical revival. And it sounds like they brought back foul settles and kind of extended the life of the main character weezer, and then they combine the two shows together. And that's kind of what Falsettoes is today. Yeah. So basically, they wrote the first act of the show as a one act they wrote this. I first act of the show that we're doing here in Saint Paul was called March of the falsetto that was written in nineteen seventy nine and then both Williamson and James with Klein went on to do many other incredible things James wrote into the woods and the park with George with Stephen Sondheim, and then nine years after they wrote the first act, they said, you know, I think that these characters have more life in them and in the interim time between. In writing the first one in writing the second one that eventually became the second act the aids crisis had begun. And so the show becomes about. How these how these people deal with this new crisis that hadn't existed in the first act and now suddenly changes the way that they all view family the second act. It sounds like it sounds like a great story. How poignant I mean that they wrote the first act in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine it's really it's really a unique thing usually shows get ridden, you know, in all one one sort of clump. In fact, that there's this perspective on it. Really? You kind of feel the writers getting better at telling the story over the course of the night. I feel it every night, and they're already experts. You know, from the the first words you here. So it's it's a real unique gift, and I think I think both both in terms of what they've done on a macro construction. But also, just you know from sauna song every songs, so brilliant, and funny and clever and heartwarming, and and really, affirming. I think to the fact that, you know, no one no one's really normal. And and no family construction is really all that normal. That is so true. Yeah. That is so many. I love it. The modern family Falsettoes is showing right now through Sunday at the ordway in Saint Paul and like we were talking about that's such a beautiful setting sitting right there. You know, the same towel the great restaurant. I mean that is just a beautiful hold up. What is going to be the bar that you guys hang out? Oh. Okay. You can't tell us tell you that will be at the ordway theater every single night will be signing autographs out to the stage door, you have we have some credible fans. And none of us really expected that we all walked out of the stage door the first night. We were just like it's cold year. And there were people there waiting for us and talk about how the shows affected them. And it's really found a young audience, which is really I think inspiring to to James and Bill especially to us as well. Just that there's this real really incisive smart young people who are finding this music. It's been out there for a long time. But because of the ball day revival. You know, there's really a new attention on rubber honored to be part of that. Like out of a Broadway theater right there. That's that's really is. What's your next? Stop. Nick. After the twin cities to California for two and a half months. We'll be in LA and San Francisco for. Yeah. Hormone. We'll get lack of snow over there. What what a treat. Thank you for being on. Is it blamer to blame? Larry alley Meyer this show is false settles. It sounds fantastic. Yeah. I know. We've got till Sunday. Okay. So ordway. Thank you so much Nick for being with us today. Getting shows Falsettoes take care take care. Bye. Oh my gosh. He's full grown. It does sound so good. And he had such a beautiful voice. I I know somebody went last night and said the songs were amazing. Yeah. It's a really good show. I love it. It's just, you know, no family every family has quirks. And it's it would be a great thing to show people. You know, your kids. Yeah. Absolutely. Okay. So we've got a segue now back to Hollywood. Okay. Since Nick and the set is heading that way. Let's turn our attention back to LA and last night. It was the costume designers award. So Janis posted as a separate low Jay post of all the fashion. Now, Glenn Close got the spotlight award for what? Well, she's kept all of her fashion from her movies since the beginning of her career there are seven hundred visas and there at Indiana University. And in in an interview last year, she said costumes are part of putting a character together. A great costume designer is just as important to me as a director. Wow. And she looked back. Bad ass in LeBron's maxmara suit with a loose tuxedo jacket. Yeah. And I will say I think her costumes for the wife were perfect for. Character for her character, both her younger south, and then who she became the lady with the schol. That is a real life daughter. Yeah. I know. So anyway, so she got that. So that's kind of a cool thing. You know, what she said she was honored getting that last Saint and she said, she recalled her one and only Connor with Karl Lagerfeld. We're talking about him yesterday. I'm sure I'm not deep into the world of fashion. Glenn Close says, but I did meet him personally on the set of one hundred and one dollars, and we had this incredible photo shoot. He was wonderful. I got along really well with them. And the thing that I find so impressive is that he designed himself, you know, person with a high high collars dark glasses the gloves. It was like. Wow. That's really cool. It was his image. Was he one of his greatest collections after all? She said, I think it was. I know. Paulsen? More Schnell probably know mosh, it was sort of a quilt like dress that she was swimming in and she did something goofy with her hair. Oh my gosh. And it's a very lake just I'm sure they said with this quilted big dress this sort of goofy tight hairdo. Any real cigarettes? And then the other one what was the one that's the the satin shower curtain with a lace Dory. Lee with just a sheer child bad. I don't know who that was. But yes, it was a shower curtain with a smock turn backwards see-through. It was kind of interesting. Interesting Laurie walkout. Crazy Asians one which I'm glad for contemporary movie 'cause customizing I watched a little bit of that on the plane again, and so vivid stole amazing. I loved it. So that one the favorite one for a period film. Sure sci-fi excellence and sci-fi went to Black Panther. Which was great. Were great great excellence in contemporary television, went for the to the assassination of Johnny American crime stories. So that was that was about fashion. Yeah. It really was. That was so good the excellence in period television, surprise miss Mazel that when they did. That's what one MRs Mazel, they call it period television. Okay. So Donna's cow scout one for that. And then Westworld one for sci-fi fantasy TV they call them excellence in award. So that happened and African American woman with the shower curtain. I know why you don't know her name is cynical Martin green. She is on CBS is all access Star Trek series. Maybe that is a star Trekkie outfit. Well, Marissa's Tomei. And Judith light were in green. We he does because he's got a crush venue to fight as do we going all the way back to Karen walls on one life to is. They're both wearing green versatile. Tomi looks amazing, and it is a wonderfully eighties dress. I'm sorry. But she looks amazing those sleeves member. Do you guys? Remember, the puffy sleeves that were puffy mountaintops leave all the bridal gowns had them in the eighties. I Princess, Diana. Just looks good the whole just Jerry very beautiful. She looks amazing ju- deflate Halle Berry. Actually, we're kind of a wild looking gold thing. Anyway, it's kind of fun to look at those custody sign, and I like knowing that about Glenn Close. I do too. Yeah. All right. Listen, we come back. What is going to happen with the cat who I've heard the cat called pet. Shoe pay. Okay. We'll be right back. Hey, it's chase launched.

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