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I want to bring international drivers to the NASCAR Cup Series and you see here that we're already making history. Sunday at Watkins Glen where we have drivers from 7 countries the most ever in Cup Series history in one single race. We've got drivers from Finland with Raikkonen. Daniel Suarez obviously in Mexico. Mike and rockenfeller, whose overall winner of 24 Hours of Le Mans from Germany, he's also run the Rolex 24. He'll be there. He was a former F one veteran from Russia. I mean, the list goes on and on. Yeah. Maybe we'll see IndyCar guys. 1969, they were all from the same state. They're all from the same state. You know what? But you're right. You only had drivers from 5 or 6 state, period. You know what I mean? We didn't even do that. So that's pretty special. To an answer to this question, I think we're closer to seeing those guys. With this project 91, and just in general, with this car, I think this car brings our sport, brings NASCAR and what the car itself is closer to the IndyCars closer to sports cars closer to European racing. So it's not as big a transition for a driver to jump in. Yes, it's a transition. Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that all race cars are the same. But what we had before was so foreign to what akimi Raikkonen would say. So far and to what a Rockefeller would look at. Today they look and they look in the wind and they're like, yeah, I've seen this car before. I've been in this car before at some point in time. There's so many things. So I think that's part of it also. I think it's great. And it's great for the sport and you look at it. I just wonder who's going to be the first driver to really welcome someone like kami to NASCAR and giving that little punch in there. Right or left rear quarter panel, depending on what corner it might be. Yeah. Well, certainly not. But unfortunately, right? Depending on the turn one on the first restart, we're expecting it'll be quite the welcome for these guys. Oh, yeah. Can you imagine that? I can't. Wow, man. Hey, welcome to NASCAR boys. Turmoil. Watkins Glen. Let's take another phone call, NASCAR America motor mouse, welcoming Justin to the program, Justin. What are the I for us? Yeah, I guess it has a question. Where do you think cases could. Not only work overall

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