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It's just getting ridiculous Lanny davis You were, Lanny Davis Lanny Davis is. A lawyer for Hillary and during the Ken Starr preceding Lanny, Davis was trashing Ken Star defending the subject of the probe Bill Clinton Guess who else was with him Trashing Ken Starr, defending the subject of the probe George Clinton awfulness, guests who just. Interviewed Lanny Davis. George Clinton Opelousas. It's a farce it's a joke Lanny, Davis attacking Ken Starr even admitted that frequently quote, he went off. The facts close. Quote didn't care And now he's a paragon, of virtue Lanny Davis is, now defending, Michael Cohen The same Lanny Davis who is trashing the special counsel when the target with Bill Clinton is now talking about the. Virtue of the special counsel and is now. Trashing the, subject. Of that investigation it's just. Bizarre now to Michael Collins attorney Lanny. Davis Lenny thank you for joining us Having is Michael Collins prepared to tell everything. He knows, about. President Trump it's a joke Yesterday I told, you about the article that. Was in the weekly standard twenty years ago published by Tucker Carlson called. Trashing Kim star Quote Carville may have been the first Clinton partisan to attack. The independent, counsel publicly comma but it's, clear that the anti-star propaganda machine had been under construction for some time as early as nineteen, ninety-five says former Clinton confidante Dick Morris George Stephanopoulos and other administration strategists were devising ways to discredit, Ken Starr in the quote Now don't you think don't you think The George Clinton Napoli's who's the chief news anchor for ABC news should recuse himself from these interviews or at least or at least admit, his role in trashing Ken Starr Admit that he. Worked with Lanny Davis and trashing Ken Starr the same Lanny Davis says now defending the virtues of the special prosecutor and it's now trashing the subject of the special prosecutor don't you think he's should give full disclosure Because a lot of people watching the news still have zip they have no idea what a hatchet. Man Lanny Davis has been for the Clintons And George Clinton dopoulos Part of the nuts or sluts strategy trashing the women that have made accusations.

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