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So the curl defender is basically dropping off to about a twelve yard depth. And they got them playing those curl flat defenders they got the chargers a year ago. They're running backs in New England had fourteen catches for one hundred sixty three yards. And it was all just a little swing passes, essentially, right and what made Seattle so good playing that defense is they had. Hey, Jay Wright, and Kam chancellor became the curl flat defenders, and so, you know, they'd hit the curl. And then you toss the ball out there. And they'd meet the running back. Atlanta scrimmage, and they were tremendous open field tackler. So boom it was over. And instead of getting that six seven yards at you expect to get it was like second down in two. And then all of a sudden they were able to take that stuff away from you. The chargers have to make that adjustment on the defensive side of the ball. But I I think there are better football team, which here's the deal. You know, my long standing love affair with Tom Brady. It's legendary I'm probably going to have to write a break-up letter wall. Dear Tom, we've grown apart during the course of this season. It's not me. It's you. You're just not playing well. Wow. You know? I mean, that's the way it's going to be. Listen, it's been dumped on Tom Brady this week that he's done. He's the worst quarterback laughed in in all of the the playoff teams the AFC playoff team. You know, he's old and and the run is over, and I don't know. But here's the only thing I'm kind of hold out. It's been my little tin foil conspiracy. Okay. This is the time of year Tom Brady cares about you and care about the regular season knows they're going to win their division. And I think he's been protecting himself throughout the course of the year. I think that there were games where he looked skittish in happy feet. He was getting rid of the ball before the rush even got there. He threw some really ill advised. Throws the interception against the Steelers. I think this is a guy who understands the only has so many hits that he can take. And he was gonna take them. He's gonna take them in the playoffs. But and I think the guy that you saw that looked indecisive and quite honestly scared at times during the regular season will be a guy that will stand in. They're willing to take a hit willing to deliver the football because it's the plas. So here's the deal. That's my theory. I you know, I I appreciate that. Here's the deal. Like Tom Brady is maybe the world's most beautiful American. And I think it goes back. To that girl that you had just an unbelievable crush on. Right. Like, you're in high school, and she is so smoking hot, and you think she's beautiful and like you have built her up to be the greatest thing ever. Right. And finally, you get the courage like maybe to ask her out. And she says, yes. And you're like, oh my God. This is gonna be the greatest thing ever. And you know, I mean, it you've built her up to be a goddess she's a goddess, Mike, Luke, Tom Brady's a goddess. She's a goddess. And then you know, what happens you go in for that, I kiss, and you're like, I mean, you are like at attention. You know, things are great for you like this is going to be the greatest thing ever..

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