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Alex Jones, one of senior Alex Jones. Yeah, Alex knew it. One of the senior editors there and he's the guy that does this interview. We're gonna be playing it in entirety Fact. Let me get the official title of this. It's called biological Warfare. Whoa, eek. I don't want any biological warfare. Well, it's already honest. No. That's happening at the bottom of the hour was started anyway. So tell tell people you know and violent. They can get the show online it when Radio Dead camp Wham radio dead, calm. Get over there. Quick, Listen live and there you go better than some quality anywhere in the world. Effect right now, if I'm not mistaken, let's see. Yep, he's up. Working right now. Tibetan Yak Farmer is listening to the show Right now. Tibetan yak farmer He's got a laptop on a second milking stool uses the one he's used his most comfortable to sit on. The milk is Jack's every morning and he's listening to me right now. Hello there, Yuri. Mark Hamill. You remember him? He was in that there. What's called Star Wars deal. Remember him, And at one time I actually liked him. I didn't like him. I know him, but I like I thought he's this good, good movie. I like it. And I liked all the people who played parts. But now I look at this guy's gonna punch him in the face. I really do. I know that's what to do stuff like that. But I want to anyway, he's he's Ah left a psychotic hack, and he was a never Trumper on Ellison of this. He's he's buying into what I call fear porn. That's a pretty legit term. Fair point. Fair point is the diaper on your face Trying a virus is going to kill you and your family. To torture you first. There's no way out. You must take this vaccine that alters your Dnepr addiction. It's fair point. So you've got people out there now that literally if they see you without a mask, they think you are some kind of a demon. Mm hmm. Listen, the Star Wars. Star Mark Camel on Monday touted his involvement and green eggs and ham stock cartoon parodying conservatives. Another was making fun of people who think the right way who opposed wearing masks during the ongoing China murder virus pandemic. Now it's this Corona virus, but I always insert Tanamor virus, and it says that because that's more accurate. Him who also assed famous for his voice acting work, particularly as the Joker in several Batman animated Syriza's Performed the narration. And will you wear a mask? Yeah, so he's doing kind of a Dr Seuss parody, socially engineering. All kids wore masks. This is hideous. You know, of all the people that don't need masks his little kids. Now that it's useless, they don't new mask And when your little kid you're developing things that don't even come even close to being fully developed for probably some 20 years. Sharon. I think I don't have the exact stat on this may be a physiologist could call him but you're not fully developed and talk about 25 years old. All the systems in your body. So why would we deprive little kid of oxygen when they don't need a plus, They're not If they catch the virus, they more or less just it's nothing. It's a cold to them. And and they're not going to transmit again. Even if they try, you know, kids with those clients, sticky hands. Oh, God, You don't think where they've been? Come up here and they want to hug you. Hi. It's that. Hold it. Stop right there! Back off, kid. Uh, But, yeah, little kids don't need mass. But Mark Hamill is gonna terrorize and that's what this is about. It's exactly what it's about the actor who frequently riffs on politics, I'll say On his social media counseling. The project President Joe Bynes mandate wore a mask on in all federal property. Mandated. Biden and his subordinates have already frequently ignored. Uh will you wear a mask? I ask. This is disgusting. So now you know, parents, if you see this, this cartoon This lists wherever they show it, probably on PBS. Tell your kids don't pay attention to this. Don't show him that It's gonna make him scared. We come back, by the way. Let me ask you. Those of you who have little kids running around in masks. Masks of How long are they gonna have? Mine Is with that kid ever. No world without one. Not if you keep making him wearing come back. We'll talk about biological warfare foisted on us by those Chinese. Yep, those? Yep. The same Chinese those, huh? Talk about. Listen to Dr Lene Merit. Tell us about Don't miss it here on the edge. Ham radio 1600 AM and 92.7. F. M. People are always on the move. How did they keep up.

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