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And you are on fire savon all its kill myself right now i don't need this cody is saying interstellar has a problematic plot but it was gorgeous your theory is correct yeah the yet a big problem with a plot of a movie but you loved it that's something i wanna go back to my harvey weinstein stein joke for a second yes i feel like you guys made me tell it yeah bomb bombshell never tell it again also there's more dress will be more tours more is when i think you should never do d don't never tell you tell the joke figure it out never won keith goes wanting you tell the joke now you feel uncomfortable and you half say in any way you know better than that that's what you know battle that was exactly how i have it right wine sitting stein steinberg it's all part of it it's all due to me i did see the movie battle the sexes i enjoyed that i was on the woman side i would like everybody to know yet next men's champion said i wanna i wanna fight the number one woman's champion so true story of a miller bobby riggs billie jean king and the they sir i like that stuff i will i would like to say i wish they did a lot of that gimmicky stuff in real life also like i want to see the best college football team play the worst nfl team i mean we i afghan we did get that a boxing match last month i enjoyed that that was really exciting it was second hoki issue we all know how that was going to turn out owes fun to watch the best beat up the other best george foreman has said he would like to fight steven seagal he says ali hawks and steven skull can do whatever he does i would love to see that be great yeah you're right it deming it sold a lotta tickets i think you're right that sounds like a fun yet but why going why when you take the worst nfl team let's say the cleveland browns.

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