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Never gotten a Podium and you can blame the cars all you want can do whatever you want. But I feel like if Nicolas Berg and you can even say like Nico hulkenberg was in a car wasn't very familiar with this weekend and all those arguments make sense to me. But the reality is that Nico hulkenberg repeatedly hasn't gotten it done that and it's sad it's harsh. I don't even like that. I like Nico hulkenberg. He's a good dude, but repeatedly he hasn't delivered when he needed to Alex Alban peniston finished in P5. Honestly thought Albert had a tough weekend, but I will say p v is not terrible p v it's better than he's done in a while. He had in the steering Grand Prix. He got p 4 a.m. I want to see Alex album pushing Max verstappen and Mercedes weekend and week out, you know, P five behind Charles LeClaire is an improvement for Alex. I want to give him credit their home. It's a step in the right direction and I just want to see more Improvement down the road from Alex Alban. We'll talk about why that is in a minute. Now after the race after 70th Anniversary Grand Prix, the driver standings are now like this. Number one. You have Lewis Hamilton with a hundred and seven points number to making a jump ahead Max verstappen as 77.73. You have after Botox with 73 points. Then after those three, you have Charles LeClaire with 45 points and Lando Norris with 38 points. That's the top five right now in the driver's license and formula one. Now in the constructors standings in the team standings. You have Mercedes with a hundred eighty points. Number two, you have Red Bull with a hundred thirteen points. That's the battle for top two now the battle for third and also the battle for best of the rest, you have 15 vying for two spots. You have number 3 Ferrari with 55 points number for McLaren with 53 points number five racing point with 41 points even thought they also had 15 points deducted. They're still very competitive there in the race there the fifth-highest team right now in Formula One and then you have rental in fifth place with 36 points home rentals in sixth place with 36 points the two big battles right now in Formula One are who is going to get third and fourth for teams competing for only two spots. So who is going to get third? Is it Ferrari? Is it rent a McLaren? Is it r n o as a racing point Who's going to get fourth for teams vying for two spots? And then who's going to win the game? F1 championships he was going to win the drivers championship and who's going to win the team Constructors Cup Championship. Max verstappen is in second behind Lewis Hamilton in the drivers Championship. He's ahead of outdoor boat dock and Max were snapping really has a chance to push Lewis Hamilton Lewis Hamilton, especially with the heat coming up. If Lewis Hamilton's tires are struggling again next week and maybe the week after that Max verstappen has a great opportunity here to make a run at Lewis Hamilton now Red Bulls. The only team near Mercedes their number two in the constructors cup and if Mercedes keep struggling with heat, it's going to open up an opportunity where Red Bull So Max or sap driver can compete with Lewis Hamilton and but if Red Bull wants to as a Team Challenge Mercedes two things need to happen. Number one Mercedes needs to keep having problems with tires and they need to keep having heat issues a blistering needs to continue in order to help Red Bull stay competitive with Mercedes. But number to Alex album needs to step up with Alex. Alba.

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