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Images dot com. Officials says. Stevie J. R passenger jet carrying 62 people lost contact with air traffic controllers after taking off from Indonesia's capital on a domestic flight. Indonesian transportation minister spokesperson at least a devotee says a Boeing 737 500 Took off from Jakarta at about 1 56 PM and lost contact with the control tower at 2:40 P.m.. A statement released by the airlines to the plane wasn't an estimated 90 minutes flight from Jakarta to Ponti Anna. There were 56 passengers and six crew members on board. You're right. He said in a statement that the search and rescue operation was underway. Local media reports said fishermen spotted metal objects believed to be parts off a plane in the 1000 Islands, a chain of islands north off Jakarta. I'm serious. Shockley. AP News For Friday, January 8th I'm to McGuire Twitter pulls the plug on President Trump's account. Twitter has permanently suspended President Donald Trump's account. In announcing the move. Twitter said it was banning Trump from its platform because of the risk of further incitement of violence, who are also banned former Trump National security adviser Michael Flynn and pro Trump Attorney Sidney Powell Friday. It was part of the Twitter purge of Cuban on accounts following Wednesday storming of the U. S Capitol by a Mob of Trump supporters in an email, Twitter said, Given the renewed potential for violence surrounding this type of behavior in the coming days, we will permanently suspend accounts that are solely dedicated to sharing Cuban on content. Might Grassi A Washington president elect Joe Biden says he's fine with President Trump's decision to not attend the inauguration on the 20th. The first president since Andrew Johnson and 18 69 to not take part of the events honoring his replacement, um, or contagious variant of the Corona virus of his first spotted in Britain has shown up in a number of U. S States. The variant is named B 117. It was first detected in Colorado, which has three confirmed cases and now a suspected fourth patient. Then came California, which now has 26 cases, according to the CDC, the highest number in the nation next his Florida with 22 cases, and just a small number reported so far in New York, Georgia and now Harris County, Texas. The variant strain is believed to be much more contagious, and the news comes as the U. S breaks a record 4000 virus deaths reported in one day 6.7 million people have received their first shot of the cove in 19. Vaccine. It's a one day gain of about 800,000. I'm Jackie Quinn, researchers say. So far, the coronavirus isn't changing as rapidly as other viruses such as the flu and its structure is more stable than the flu's. This is AP News. Educators air working out ways to instruct students on the attack on the Capitol head down EU has this they did through its on Klink Busman's showed his 10th grade class in Alabama photos of the capital for very Just kind of blew it in with the images and I took about 10 15 seconds per.

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