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How would die they look very difficult they look way too challenging and here's the thing they look like those kind of things that the people who invented them or really smug about like oh you can't you can't do that it's so easy no i didn't actually fall off a segway i might have just exited rapidly off of a segment it's not as easy as it looks and if i think if you were a good snowboarder or segues probably a piece of cake because snowboarding is all for back motion i i can't snowboard either the new thing that i've seen a lot in downtown as the skateboards that have like a hand remote or something well i don't know if that was on the video or not wait what so you just get on cats from point a skateboard way pushed ourselves with the other foot no way rolled that's a skateboard supposed to work there this sissy engine crap that we have now that'll be the millennial version of walking uphill both ways kick your skateboard down the street sugar we found our friends we went knocked down their doors that's what we did wait wait what back to the future but we're waiting for those this is almost dave on this video we're very close just the stuff that people are coming up with right now to get from point a to point b without actually using any muscles other than maybe their toes is pretty astounding really but i would die on all of them you there's not a snowball's chance in hell you could do any no chance no chance that's not what made dave say well for my era was roller there you go the little metal wheel to man friend of mine had those let's go in and we had bad asphalt roads where we were so a lot of the asphalt had already settled so it's just like it was just like rocks horrible every bump horrible who thought that was a good idea and the last video that did make dave say well so the headline is unremarkable artists make moving sculptures out of paper and you're like like one of those little boxes one of those cudi catchers that you made when you were a kid that's a moving paper sculpture.

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