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Hit it hard somewhere. Hey, Bunch it But you and the charge tigers win it. Bottom suicide squeeze. Wow! Yeah. Execution, execution Execution And what a call from A J hits that Detroit tigers management staff right there. My goodness at the bottom of the 10th. The Detroit Tigers with the Houston Astros on the ropes. It was 1 to 1 extra frame killed by Do we spend a lot of time talking about him? All last week, And here he goes, with some clutch running at a clutch hit as well to drive in Iran and Robby Grossmann lays down a bunch in walk off fashion that scores by do and it's a celebration across the board. Welcome back here to the huge show broadcasting live all across the great state of Michigan here on the Michigan sports Network, no matter who you are, where you are or how you may be listening. We appreciate you for making us a part of your day, each and every weekday afternoon. That's Brett Hayes. I'm Anthony Bellino filling in for the huge one here in the auto value bumper to bumper part studio. We thank you so much for being a part of our day and allowing me to hang out with you. While the huge one is on vacation, and the man who had they call Matt Shepard Valley Sports Detroit He joins us Now it's a timely hitting what they call by a J. Hinch there, but Chapman. It all comes down to the pitching, doesn't it? How about the pitching staff this weekend and all week long for the Tigers? They start to reel in my zin Scougall and their innings a little bit and I understand that But it's got to start with the pitching, baby. A. J. Hinch. El Avila said it when they first hired him. They get the pitching, right. Everything else kind of falls into place. You've seen some of the young Position players contributing with do and Cameron Derek Hill before he got hurt. He's played well. At the legal And you're seeing the confidence rise in this team. And quite honestly, I think the believability An egg hitch. I think players are recognizing man. This dude knows how to manage a baseball game. Perfect example. Yesterday growth been surprising, everybody You know, Chef. We had the opportunity last week to talk to Michael Fulmer and I had asked him, you know, just about the way that the team was playing and not really knowing where the necessarily point the finger to is, you know, for as competitive as they have been playing outside of, you know, the management and the coaching staff and that that word belief and and former talked about it, and he said, You know what? You're exactly right. Like when you know where we're in the dugout. He kind of, you know, paraphrasing here, but They do have that strong belief in their manager that they can. You know he's going to put them in positions to be successful. They're going to get creative when they need to. And I think that we saw that yesterday with the suicide squeeze there at the end of the game in the 10th, and there's just there's seems to be a little bit of a spark within this within this club, Another guy who we talked about a lot last week, and the fact that no one's really talking about him, and I think that that's okay just because of the magical storybook start that he had. But a kill Bedu continues to continues to shine. He hit a little bit of a slump in it seems like he's worked his way through it, and he, uh, he seems like he's getting better every day. Oh, I think a lot of people are talking about him and for good reason, and it's not just as hitting its on base ability. It's the fact that his walk rate is twice as good Now as it was when he was going through that slump and his ability to learn he has been a sponsor. Choose out there every single day working with George Lombard in the outfield. Is doing the things that for example of wife some guys, I'm not saying all but some guys Can learn at the major league level and adapt quickly and A. J. Hinch leaves him in yesterday. Maybe in a really tough spot. There's a guy at second base. And Houston goes to the bullpen, and they bring in really a nasty left hander. And I remember during the break saying to Jack Morris, my partner on belly sports, a Would you pinch it? Miguel Cabrera here? And he said, Take a question. I'm not sure I said. I don't know if we want. Let's let's just leave that topical moment. It's something I'm thinking about right because I killed to do only had three hits against lefties all season marked a J. Hinch leaves him in there. And how about that single the right to tie it at one forced the extra innings and give Detroit a shop kid is really learning at a fast level. He's got a long way to go. Especially defensively. Everybody will tell you that At least he's willing to do. It hasn't hit the wall yet, and he's fought through the adversity A. J. Hinch is told this time and time again, trying to put him in spots that make him uncomfortable. And he passes the test. I'm just about every single time and it's really cool to watch because the kid has a great smile and has a passion for the game and is helping Detroit placing really fun Baseball. It really is amazing what you can accomplish when you do feel that sense of belief in that sense of support from those in a management position, and it doesn't matter any walk of life, whether in sales or Whatever the case may be, when you know that the leadership believes in you, it gives you a certain sense of. I don't know if it's like maybe maybe a calm or just a certain level of confidence that I think that you know everyone needs in order to perform at the best of their abilities. You just wonder why more management people don't do it that way? That's all in whatever. I mean, it's a good your point is valid. Um why don't more people who are in charge of other people. Even though you have high expectations, kind of have that belief and instill that belief in them and put them in situations where the successful instead of just looking at the bear numbers, a. J. Hinch I think has done a really nice job. Of knowing when to rest to kill the do which lefties to put him in it just because he gets that shit against a tough lefty and really doesn't mean that you now hit you make that's left his all the time. Pinches got the numbers and the field. That he combines and when he puts guys in certain situations, but do at the top of the line of sometimes sometimes at the bottom, but doing center Sometimes I'm left camera sometimes and centers, sometimes in right, sometimes in the middle of the line up. Sometimes down. He's president. A lot of the right buttons. That's because he's getting to know these guys These guys have bought full in and it's paying off for Matt Shepard play by play Voice of the Detroit Tigers on Bali, Sports, Detroit and ship We were actually posed this question last week, and I'll throw it to you because we still have some time to sort some things out. But who would be your representative for the Detroit Tigers in the Midsummer Classic at.

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