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The excitement and passion flow into you. So too does the color red from the rainbow but as the rainbow gets smaller it slips out of your and slides undulating back and forth like a snake that swims across the snowy slushy ground. Why the question have to be about swimming. Rainbows are no matter. What okay rainbows. Got seven colors. Right roy g biv red orange jello green blue indigo violet. Now it's more like orgy. Bev scollay can you still see the rainbow out of your magic eye patch. I look after where the rainbow went. The magic seems to have run out for the day you've lost all track of the rainbow provo. Who little killed you. Hear a small voice from down around your ankles and look down to see an adorable vinik fox with orange white for big pointy ears and a narrow snout. That somehow turned up to you arrogantly. Even though you're giants compared to this little fox You must be the notorious fox of fox in wolf. You don't look too scary. I do not need to be sterry for. I am clever just as it seems a you three. We thought there were only two. How'd you find us. The little people can be delighted by pickle. Parade can smell distraction from a mile away. Hi fox you talk really slowly and we're in a hurry so you can either help our pau. I can let the townsfolk to the presence of the outsiders caused our son to go cold. We didn't have anything to do with it. We're trying to save you. Oh i believe you. And i'm willing to have as long as you give me the powers of the rainbow as we find them together. These the i don't like the smell of this fax figuratively speaking any way. Can i roll the sea of their On the level share role wonder at thirteen. You get a sense that this fox does know something that can help you. But they aren't going to share it unless it directly benefits them a fox. I know you love being in charge but this is bigger than that you know. You're all bear in grave danger. How about we promised to work together to get everybody out by sharing the colors of the rainbow when we find them. The fox considers your offer. I'll let you roll wonder to try to convince them all. We need this sex. Plus one mrs not enough for me. Perhaps if you promise to hand over all the power of the rainbow after we have used the portal. Can we have aside huddle for a second fox tempest fugit. Hey what's your mouth. It means time flies. Okay we step off a little. The whispered that each other. I don't trust this fox one bit maneuver but but even if you both use your lens of the lost and you both roll well that means we only get two more colors. It leaves four colors of the rainbow that we have in collected and presumably. We need them all to open the portal. Oh if we say yes we might be given this fox all kinds of crazy powers but if we say no fox could sick the hotel on us and we all might be trapped here forever. I want who would risk the safety of their own people. In order to make themselves more powerful doesn't deserve to be a leader. You're right but there's just not enough time to do this on our own. Yeah i'm voting with cullen here. Maybe we can out fox the fox later or right now. We need the help i fully. I don't around and stopped back to the fox. You notice now that the rain has gotten a little warmer in the sun. A little colder. I think what you're doing is despicable. But we need your help to save your people so you're gonna give it to us and then after the four of us have opened the portal together. We promised to give you every color of the rainbow. We've got what a generous offer hikes. And as the fox says i accept a wisp of orange and white magic curls out of its mouth and encircles you and you feel magically bound to this promise. You didn't say anything about magic. Binding is will be of new consequence as long as you keep your word out k facts. You've got what you wanted. Now tell us how to find the rainbow again. The fox shakes out there for and then starts drawing a rainbow in the snow atop this dune but with each swipe of their paw this new changes color. And you see what appears to be a real rainbow spring out of the ground right in front of you. Mary's work box makes it extra easy. This is not the rainbow mealy a helpful illustration where bunny. What did you feel when you touched the rainbow. I feel great. Like i was dancing to my favorite song on top of the world and then new captured the colorado as indicated by your for and you now notice that there is a reddish glow to low leandra. That wasn't there before Cool when we first went through this portal in the trumpet of travel. We slid down a massive rain. Move slide. some people were excited. Some people were scared. But i felt something different. I felt safe which seemed quite unusual. Given our circumstances then. I realized i was on the color orange. Which has always reminded me of my family. I have read about this colors. Make people feel different ways but it can vary from person. A person based on our experiences. I believe with a red of the rainbow was being drawn here by wolf's anger and frustration at being outwitted by a few giggling children so the rainbow is drawn by strong emotions but each collar might have different emotions. Sir if you can figure out what color means to you then we can find a place where there are big feelings or even make our own big feelings to dry the rainbow out. It's a theory. But i feel confident about it. Are you staying. We swore to help you over a theory here. Sheesh it's fine it's fine fox. Is there like an oasis left in this desert. There is one though i doubted were last very long. While lead the way fast. The finnick fox takes off faster than you could have imagined seeming to bound across the sky as little wisps of our engine. White smoke seemed to appear below its feet wherever it lands. I pick up zach. Amedee's withhold hold in scotland. And i hope after it as fast as i. Can you feel time. Slipping away as the sky grows darker but after twenty minutes of bouncing you arrive at a tiny oasis a small grove of date palm trees and circle a tiny body of water and tough little desert shrubberies cling to life around its banks. Wow did think that even in this weird wild place where hadley anything survives. You could have such a.

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