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You guys open something, every three seconds every every six months Seconds tough yeah talk about your newest release my friend collaboration with, John Martin Elise juice guys down watsonville we took their juice Exemplifying. Or amplifying their Pippen. Apples which. Is a huge. Big. Apple. Aroma and once again sell. Fresh press juice no it's good stuff I'm Tony this it. That's it it's delicious Wow Pizza all. Day That's true And how many listeners of one style. Gluten free but we saw hundreds of week. At Tony's I felt like, seventy today I swear. To God I win in the back of my gluten free day or what do you think? It is because if I would've told you guys a decade ago and we've been doing this for a while now and I see that with vegan vegetarian. Gluten free and I was just talking about Cup, for Cup which is a flower that using baking almost. Great brand we've had actually the founder on the, show before and here's. The deal I mean ten, years ago I think it's kind of like maybe even with the protein bowls and polka polka fading a little bit. A lot thank God because at least more. For me I'm tired of the oceans getting. Over fish the likelihood of my kids not let, me ask you this guys and we have all of. Us in the studio right now get Greg west, got over at the. Door and right now cocktail, mixologist mo- mixologist extraordinary he gave us to cocktails already the PINA marina and also the fable of by the way. Tony gee this is just me the training A, great talk about the real quick The people vs, is a, gin cocktail, with tumor Honey fresh ginger and lemon. And, a little. Bit? Of for protein wow is delicious right she's out here.

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