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It's a cultural rebounds so we are ourselves. Anyone can go by our cameras. Use are clouded distributed adult platform so we're you know we're basically we've <hes> the underlying platform or the the our industry <hes> today for at least the working part of it. We ourselves are focusing on us. It content on-board onto our platform because we think it's the first it is the first flat it's the first contents it will dwell on biard because sitting music over the internet. That's already solve problem. All we're doing is just adding that sort of presence of being there and and you know unlike sports televisions never worked worked for concerts because when you watch is not the same as being there but when you biard it's the same as being there and get the you know. I probably audio holzinger. Let me frame this so that everybody is up to speed on exactly what we're talking about here. <hes> the this camera that you sent us us is it looks like something from a sci fi film because it's this this space age device with how how many cameras are actually around sixteen running at ten teraflops to basically be able to stitch all those things together a terror plop. Is that what you call it derek karekare. If it's if the number of competing that's large okay. That's good at the travis had a terrible plop before we did. The center of you and i wanted to make sure those about the lights. Let's get out of that. Outstanding i so for number of years because <hes> early exposure to video with live video. I speak at events and for about oh four years now. I've been looking into the future. I was one of those first customers of the oculus rift. I've been in v._r. For a long time. I think it's super cool <music> at i feel like mostly what we've seen to date are expensive. Demos of you know what v._r. Can do but one of the things i've talked talked about is how experiences sell hardware you buy the dude intendo because of the new mario game because there's ten though and when so you said that event is going to be the thing that triggers v._r. To me that is the experience that is going to sell v._r. V._r. headsets on mass. I predicted that that would happen by december by holidays two thousand nineteen. I'm starting to wonder based on what you era. Are you say you think twenty twenty yeah yeah okay well. Let's let's talk about your particular product. The website is live. Planet dot dot net and you guys need to look at this camera. It is an end to end professional v._r. System that will allow you to capture experiences and record and or stream them to v._r. Devices in a way that has been done before. Yes let me explain. Hey how this integrates into in the video corn which is where we started right where we talked about the fact that video is exploding and and <hes> and and as it turns out you know you never could compete with amazon before never made money on amazon web services makes a gobs of money. I mean it makes it makes hundred ten percent of the money the company so you know the old saying on both actually yeah anyway you got this business inside of amazon domestic basically basically makes all the money and it is you know critically the reason why they're the most valuable company in the world and all the major media companies also use. I use it despite the fact that amazon meeting with them in the <hes> in the video domain so what we realized that camera that you have is if you wanna term thing on and run a twenty four hours a day seven days a week instead of to all the v._r. Platform the cost of coding this this this stuff we the stuff that i was talking about four is around twenty seven thousand dollars a month right so we realize that the there was a huge need for to be able to have video encoding solutions that were dramatically lower costs as it turns is out by the gatt who run its c._p._o. He built intel's video streaming cloud amazon but he was sold to facebook and that's how they slow down into into <hes> the video so we realize there's this extraordinary opportunity. There's this massive street. It's growing at a sane rate and and the opportunity to take advantage of and this is what i think blockchain so doing taking advantage of all these resources all around the world were sitting idle title whether your office or whether they're data center and dramatically lowered the cost of of encoding video. It's you know i mean obviously very partial to what we're doing but but i think we have in the market we're going after video point and i think we have absolutely an opportunity to be the largest largest daf based on just straight up statistics of how much you know video file transfer over the internet's about six percent. A video streaming is about eighty percent during a twenty five percent branam so you know even if you just take some of the growth <hes> and it's about a thirty thirty billion dollar our industry right now. That's just the video coding market so there's such a huge opportunity and you know the reason i invested in sales stores was because the centralisation allowed for sales people all over the world to use a common app salesforce in the cloud website and then when i saw aw you know what i started to understand the blockade better i realized that its own new architecture would be centralizing and decentralizing in our world means we can use servers that aren't being used that are located anywhere and everywhere world and so it gives us an opportunity to be highly competitive live with one of the largest and most profitable businesses on planet or today and you know we've got <hes> you know a hell of a good team. You know going after yeah. I gotta tell you it's completely brilliant when we were. We were talking about that. We sort of understanding where you guys. Were doing there. Yeah we wanted to know. I wanna try. I want these and i just went through a process where i was moving to a new home right and i was going through some of these old photos of my kids at different ages and i was thinking eighteen wow like how cool is it going to be for folks in the future now who have kids to be able to pop up a v._r. Camera in the be able well the capture the little kids running around at various ages that you could never capture before like i is so profound to me. I was literally started to cry. When i was is looking at pictures of my four year old daughter at the time and my eight year old son who's now almost eighteen and my daughter's almost fourteen those are those are gone. Those numbers gone those little four year old eight-year-old. They don't exist anymore but if you had v._r. Then you had the opportunity to capture those moments forever for your family to be able. Let's sit in a room with the little rugrats running around. I think like you know music is really profound and it's a great way to entre. Pointing people are going to experience it but i tell you what if your parents and you wanna capture your children's memories in a new profound way that's going to just blow your mind years down the road and you can sit in the room with the kids at the early age all man. That's that's just so amazing what you built. I think a lot of people are gonna benefit from it. You know it's so funny that you say that because you know i've been i've been saying this for a while. I had <hes> you know. Unfortunately i lost child several years ago and <hes> and i was actually during the that jared we were actually building a camera on and and prototypes that they were actually <hes> you know i i actually had one that was it was working and you know if i had known men right and i captured. <hes> you know my experience variance with my son i can tell you how a profoundly important <hes> you know that the medium would be to me and because you know i guess people who haven't experienced it. You know it's hard to sort of understand. The are for those who have experienced it. They know that it is almost like a religious experience because you can literally are out of your body and your someplace else and you know it it. It's it's good enough that literally tricks your brain into into believing that you're someplace where you are you are not and so i think i yeah i think a lot of people don't talk about what you just put out but i think it is it is it is dead on and that's why people come talk about markets for v._r. There is that one basic profound one. Which is you know an. I an i would you rather look through photos of a wedding or would you rather capture your wedding in v._r. I mean if you really want to go back and experience your wedding. I can guarantee you. We are going to be a heck of a lot. You know <hes> more fulfilling rolling then going through a stage <hes> you know a stage set of photos and in an album so you know i i recently cut it had been describing one of the things that we are in the cameras and that's really sort of creating an empathy machine because projecting yourself into all these other places <hes> you know so easily just find putting on a headset. You know there's there's potential understand things. You said you know people who've never leave their house. Either city yellow experienced <hes> you know things all around the world is kind of like television was the first step ars assist other big meet those kinds of things right and we get smaller glasses. I mean you know the the headset started up big. They're starting to get smaller. Learn how you can get a little. You know head said that you slip your phone into a coming. I can't wait so you know. I i think going after music as a music fan is a logical first step because the cost of attending a concert now is so expensive and dan you know who doesn't want to be front and center while with one of these cameras and i see a huge opportunity for people who are thinking entrepreneurial here to get a camera and be able to reach out to venues and two agents for various bands to be able to offer this to them. <hes> you know there's a day coming where where instead of pay per view just for big fights people will be paying pay per view for a live show to have a front row center seat at you know at taylor swift concert that they're not gonna pay a thousand dollars for that front center seat but they could put on their headset. Pay twenty five dollars inexperienced that concert live as though they are there and i guess that's kind of why you're going after music. I is that right. Yeah i mean it's actually better than that right so our vision asian is your backstage. You're on the stage by the drummer by saying you're down in the you know moskva river dancing then you're at the at the at the board you know so so it's a ability to seamlessly roam around the syllabi but always being present there is offering you actually more more than just what you get with a thousand dollars or get a thousand dollars being inserted a.

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