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At that point time they inquired about Damaris Thomas. They looked at other wide receivers. But they were never able to get anything done. And they didn't get anything done in part because there was not the desperation with Josh Gordon on the roster now that he's gone. There is a little bit lack of depth. If they have other players, but his Lewis mentioned, they do not have Josh Gordon's skills check. So they got to make do with all the players that they do have or certainly capable. But there's no doubt that this is a blow to the patriots offense. All right. So with the patriots now compromise boomer pass linebacker Tedy Bruschi has this inside on the teams that are the best. The AFC has to offer team in the AFC that you trust the most. Yes, do you wanna tell them? It was the New England Patriots. Past tense. It was it was past tense. They can't be the team to beat right now after they've struggled against Miami. And the Pittsburgh Steelers were moving on here. Okay. This is a week to week the league this AFC is up for grabs. Would you agree is working nobody? I'm scared of nobody the patriots the chiefs anybody. That's changes things it does. But for right now, it's the Los Angeles chargers seeing them both back on the edge. Derwin James is a great player and Philip rivers. Mike williams. I really like how they're playing the team to beat right now. This week is Los Angeles chargers. John Harbaugh will return to the ravens coach next season. They are working on an extension beyond twenty nineteen. He's taken Baltimore to the playoffs. Six times winning the Super Bowl, of course, in twenty twelve the raiders expressing interest in playing in San Francisco in twenty nineteen. They are moving to Las Vegas twenty twenty have no lease for next year. We mentioned the dodgers shipping. Yossi Wigan mad camp to the reds along with left. The Alex would deal that brings back Homer Bailey who they will cut ties with so as roughly fifteen million off their luxury tax payroll for twenty nineteen perhaps perhaps clearing up a role for Bryce Harper addition to water parades on sportscenter withstand barracks. Well. Offers a great fit anywhere. You can put them in any town any lineup. All take a Bryce Harper. The curse thing is though with.

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