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There's not much more to say, we talk a lot about Hugh Jackson, not much more to say, and we can cross the bridge. I guess later on when you know, if when he is named a head coach of this team. We're really running running up on time. I guess we'll end with this to this question for Andrew interstellar. Good friend in be you to judge. Do you guys? Do you guys think this defense has the talent to turn it around in? Do you think it was all on Austin? Obviously, the talent term it around probably has to do with injuries. We talked a lot about defense in. Maybe what's ahead. But do you think that again can be much worse? But do you think there's gonna be a noticeable? Difference in Jacqueline noticeable difference in getting off the field on third down a noticeable difference in body language, which I saw was very has been very poor recently on that side of the ball. Do you think that that stuff is going to change? And if so is that just basically a general dight man on terra Lawson? So yeah to like you said injuries have played monumental part. In the ministering. What town was on this team at the start of the season. Because a lot of thought, hey, this is a top five -fensive line is one of the better secondaries in the league with just individual town there and those two things are going to carry the linebackers who are largely improvement. So now in terms of tackling getting better that probably doesn't have until Nick Mitchell gets back on the field who's been their best linebacker the season. Gam fulfilling third-down has lots to do with their pass rush, which has taken a step back since Carlson is torn is ACL. That's another injury that they have to deal with engine. General body language. I do think that that will probably improve at least in the early on with off now the door and the players playing from our Lewis rather than Austin, someone they like, obviously all all that. But yeah, injuries are playing a large part in determining what this defense wants was ends really hard to really turn around ten weeks into the season. But again, if anybody can do that probably Louis when he's he's going to have to get some of those guys back. He's probably gonna get Denard back needs capacity be healthy from his concussion the need to get the need to get an individual BAC busy really has carried the linebacking corps when he's on the field in again before Nick vigils your best linebacker. You're not you know, we still have issues there. So, you know, the defense align stores were two terms compensating without Lawson. I think that's probably the biggest issue that they have is that they're one of the they are the worst third down defense in the NFL because they just can't pressure the quarterback to make a bad decision on that money down in. If they can't. Do that in the back seven gets enough. And then if you can't make those crucial tackles sure, the sticks those first downs piling up in pollen up. I think the saints had like twenty or something in the first half. It's only it was something ridiculous. A lot of it had to do with Brees not getting anybody in his face. Just finding guys with open spaces because he said all the time in the world do that. So it Louis gonna get really creative in terms of how he pressures these quarterback tweak in glad obviously that they that. He hasn't rehashing tackling drills because the has been issuing you'll have your best linebacker out there. That's always gonna be something to work on the I loved I loved the the tweet you put out this week think it was yesterday, actually. And it looked like he grabbed the video clip may be from either all twenty two or something like that. And many of you follow John. And I recommend you do so on Twitter if you are on Twitter at John underscore, Sharon. Basically, there's video comes his Mike questions are endless, Gino hovered Brown defending the same spot. Jackson just conceding the first down yet. I mean that the reason we got up and down. Yeah. I it just it's it's what. It's what we've seen this year, and you go what in it's kinda like the thing with Paul Guenther where he would put like Carlos Dunlap in coverage. You know in your kind of going, it just doesn't make sense..

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