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So go ahead and get into your favorite situational play for week twelve. Well, you know, both my situation on technical could be almost flipped and that happens a lot. You know, every time you have a situation, there's probably some trends to back it up. Well, my situational play is on middle, Tennessee. And this certainly is little brother against big, brother. But the problem with Kentucky being the big brother is they're not truly a big, brother. They had their success early their heads became inflated. You know, the AM Loss's one thing Georgia loss was their bubble. Burst of the season. Then they go out to lose dependency only put up two hundred sixty two yards rushed for seventy seven yards at Tennessee two point two yards per carry. Oh, yeah. In the last three games. Missouri. Doesn't have a very good defense. You only average two point six yards per carry. Georgia has a very good defense. You ever two point four yards per carry at Tennessee. Not a very good defense. Two point two yards per carry Kentucky. Oh. Eleven their last eleven games as a favourite Kentucky has to think. We've beaten middle Tennessee numerous times we have Louisville on deck. We have double revenge against Louisville including a forty four seventeen win. I can't beat. I can't wait to beat the snot out of them next week. And then you've got middle Tennessee and Brett stocks. So I think has been there about twelve years now. But you know, he's a senior quarterback. He's not intimidated going into the situation. They went to Georgia. They put up two hundred eighty eight yards against Georgia. They went to Vanderbilt this year. They put up two hundred ninety four yards at Vanderbilt. So this is their third SEC road game not gonna bother Brett stock still a twenty one five ratio. They keep a close eye like middle Tennessee, plus the sixteen against Kentucky. Yeah. This is what I'm kind of upset about because I had some power ratings value on it. I took the fourteen I don't know why. Because I should have expected this number to go up a little bit, especially with how you wanna remember as middle Tennessee and their games against Vanderbilt. And how that's a little brother big brother game that always has a low number, and then MTS you gets blown out net game. I should have expected this line to go up, but I do still like middle Tennessee State for a lot of the same reasons that you mentioned how about the technical play for this week real, you know, jumping back just Adam to that Vanderbilt game middle Tennessee only got game by fifty two yards, and they were minus two turnovers. So while they lost thirty five to seven..

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