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And if this had happened, the bed would have been known as help. Hendrix Everson Lincoln Palmer. Look at that. I guess that's real. That's real. That's interesting. Did you know that? Mark Smith. I bet you didn't. I bet you Perry dead of it to do it, though. And Lou, because Lou has that, it is, it is notebook. The little colicchio notebook, the infamous notebook. Hey, hey, Mark Smith. I want to know since you're watching. Have you put any notes in that gigantic notebook that you bought to compete with? The Lou colicchio, what do you call it? Novel. Let's see. On this day in 2019, Ozzy Osbourne offered $25,000 as a reward, I have 13 F okay. 13 glorious pages. Boxman's getting there. He's getting there. You guys will be on again soon. I kind of miss you guys. I got this to you guys. On this day in 2019, Ozzy Osbourne offered $25,000 as a reward for the return of stolen instruments previously owned by his late guitarist, Randy rhoads, after the school of music in north Hollywood, was robbed on Thanksgiving night. The stolen instruments included Rhodes's first electric guitar at 1963 harmony rocket as well as a rare martial prototype made specifically for roads. I would assume those are probably in a private collection by then. Probably went right into a private collection. And on this day in 2021, Scottish singer songwriter, Steve brodsky, died from smoke inhalation in a fire at his home in Soho London at age 61. He was a cofounder and keyboard player of the group, Broadsky beat. Known for the signals, small town boy, and why. He was also well known as an LGB activist, it was openly gay himself from an early age. That's what the song small town boy is about. I believe Jimmy Somerville is the lead singer, the bronski beat. That's a great song. Small town boy is one of my favorite 80s songs. It's a great song.

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