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Comes in vogue and then goes out yet jim kelly really you know uh changed nfl offenses that first half of the eagle's redskins skin uh everybody got film yeah exactly so the that that just like when when people get film out on on everyone it's like radd this work last week in it's never gonna work again not summit at has longevity an unusually what happens i remember when zone blitzing first came out no nothing them eight hundred years old but i remember what is a thing and it took offenses awhile that to figure it out and then everybody was doing their form of it and it was it was huge after a while it just became part of what defense is did yes i know right now you're seeing the nfl were two guys are walked up in the a gap three popular it's called like a double mug look so that's that's been invoked for less than a four five years i like that and now lettered sardeh every buddies well mike tomlin jr just now realize that you can do something other than zoneblitz on tom brady no no nobody talks about that the transition that pittsburgh made defensively yeah i remember i was that he is pan when it for when they first started playing cover five which is man under twodeep safeties and they never do that anc we played pittsburgh a million times and there's a big deal i wanna talk about it but it didn't it than guinea airtime espn doesn't always make solid programming decisions on notice that yes sometimes they they have something they really like and enter another shot an ever that can be really good on error longtime than they ask and let it go him only they haven't missed on the last couple of years well in this it was an old issue two thousand eighteen they haven't missed yeah uh th seventeen at that irving.

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