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Guess I would have a different perspective on it. So that's good. Your humble you keep things in perspective. When you win the gold in 2022, then you're going to be wearing it around right? Oh, yeah, For sure. Where that everywhere. Wait. We want figure skating and you're all your credit. You're also incredibly graceful. And and you see you all seem like Just amazing human beings. I'm getting the vibe from you. They that you're as advertised, but behind the scenes Brady like when An athlete from Russia or something is walking by you. You know, D do you say anything is their trash talking among figure skaters. Um Certainly not from my end. I think there's like a mutual respect that we all have for each other because You know to be at these high level events and to compete at this level all the athletes in the locker room and backstage, but we all know what it takes to get there. Andi think we all have kind of a mutual understanding that we all love what we do. And at the end of the day, we're all just there because we love it on because we love to compete, So I think there's kind of like an unspoken come on camaraderie between everybody. And that's the Olympic spirit. Right? That's what it's about that no matter where, what country you come from, no matter what is going on in the countries that you come from you all come on the one big stage all respect each other in the you know, in the spirit of competition, and everything like that, like the Olympic spirit is a really thing, right? Oh, yeah, For sure, For sure. I mean, I have so many friends from all over the world, and I think that's so cool and it's It's a very unique thing that I have. Um, I've been ableto have in my life now for Gosh, probably. I think my first international was when I was 15 for like, seven years on. I feel so incredibly lucky that I've had these amazing opportunities. You know that. Not everybody gets tohave. Griner. You're goingto compete again was the calendar look like Um, you know, so far are grand pretty season is still on except it's going to be a little bit different this year, so I I'm believe it's going to be like domestic. Um, but skate America is going on in Las Vegas. I think the third week of October so be on the watch for that. Yeah, we definitely well with all these sports coming back, we You know we're all taking all of these in and watching them maniacally, and when you guys get back out there to compete. Will consume it as maniacally as any of these other sports. Brady really appreciate you taking some time. I know that. You know you're an Olympian, so your schedule is pretty tie as you're getting ready. For 2022. I certainly appreciate it. Welcome to Colorado Springs and we'll see you around, I guess. Yeah, Yeah. Thank you so much for having me. My pleasure. Brady will talk to you very soon. Brady Tunnel joining us here on drive time sports. If you see her in the safe way, just like say, hi door. OK, make her feel welcome. Here in car offsprings. It never ceases to blow my mind. When you hear about the athletes who not on Ly come to train here but live here. And we had quite a few of Brady's teammates like Marai, Nagasu like Lexus, and Chris can Arum. Hat on the program leading up to the last Winter Olympics. And they're just right here in our backyard. It just never ceases to amaze me. Will the number ofthe elite world class athletes that air just like down the street? And I certainly appreciate Brady taking time. Tio come on, and I appreciate everybody at U. S figure skating for making that happen. We've been trying to make it happen for A few days now, and I'm glad it it got done. So thanks to Michael and everyone there at U. S figure skating that was cool to get Brady to No. One. 5 to 29872. I guess this gives us a chance to kind of shift. Here's a little bit. We got game one Nuggets and the Clippers coming up at 6 30. Let's hear from Michael Malone in the last few minutes that we have Together. I hears. Michael Malone on a couple things first. I talked about this during wine Ahmad that the one player that I feel supremely confident that's going to be able to get his numbers is Nicole Yokich. And Michael Malone after practice was asked about Whether Nicole Yokich is the guy on the court that has a decided advantage over the L. A Clippers Here's clip number eight. I think every serious Nicole Yokich has an advantage. You know, He's a great player. He's a first team All N Ba Center, the best center in the MBA. So regardless of who we play, I think Nicole has always gotten advantage because of Who he is and how talented he is. No, But you know, the Clippers present a lot of problems. As I mentioned they have a tremendous depth and the other perimeter to give guys like Jamal Murray different looks. Last time we played them. They had Kawai autumn They had pulled George on. They had Patrick Bradley on him, so we will have to find ways to help Jamal. Get up and get quality looks. Yes, McCall Yolks will have to be a focal point of our offense. I look to be very aggressive in terms of scoring the ball on say, how do we know we guard a great three point shooting team, a team that is one of the leading leaders in isolation place for game for guys like, Oh, I pulled George Williams. In defending them without fouling is gonna be huge, limiting their free throws jumps, but, um Our biggest challenge, I think is how do we go from emotional high last night and get rammed up to play a game one tomorrow night without being a lead out Because if there's a letdown we've seen what Ella Khun duty teams there. There. There are Well, the talented team is going to a great challenge for us collectively. Other than that the Clippers are pretty garbage. Oh, I mean, we're under no misconceptions. Right? I mean, this was the stage that we wanted the Nuggets to be on. We didn't We didn't know how they would D'oh. But this is the stage that we wanted them to be on that they should have been on. And now here we are. I think it will be very interesting to see How things get matched up. I think Jeremy Grant has done a really good job in the past against Kawai, and I think he did a good job against Kawai in the bubble game..

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