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Right here with you. All the world suffer radio presented by bet online dot. Ag On the sirius. Xm to eleven. Dan patrick sports as well as the sports byline broadcast network american forces and of course her daily believe podcast network. Actually before i get into the show let me tell you a little bit about a couple of other focused on the believe podcast network. You need to check it out these guys out particularly if you are a fan of the beautiful game i as the podcast is hosted by a couple of former players yoursel. An mls got benny fail. Harbor they got sauzee so they go aiko power. Now beside the podcast. It's a show where the hosts call up a weekly guest. They talk they talk current events and have a little fun talk behind the scenes and then they have a favorite sex. Actually what am i favor. Sections ikea power has ice interrogation and they pepper the guests with fan questions. Also my friend new york legend. Shep messing has his daily podcast. At the billy podcasts network He talks all things new york red bulls on a daily basis. Great stop love shop in a massive out of the american soccer scene for decades. So look if you are a protector of the passaic. If you're a soccer fan sports fan check out the podcast and the messing daily cost today. Now wherever you listen to podcasts. Or subscribe to them on apple podcasts or spotify now look talking about global football. 'cause i know we're talking specifically in what i'm talking about shopping icon. Bsi a lot of. That's american soccer. This show well. Soccer wall soccer radio. We talk obviously the global game. I think the biggest issue we're going to have to come to terms with in the premier league is if your majesty united fan it the most poignant is issue going to be what are they going to do about illegal now coming off what happened today which was a loss in turkey I lost in the group stage in the champions league coming off the loss last weekend to arsenal a huge match this weekend against everton at goodison park. We talked about this a little bit yesterday on the show but the fact of the matter is and the and the papers are reporting. This isn't just my prognostication. Although i have been saying this for a while if he doesn't win that game i'm pretty sure he's gonna get the sack i i think it's an it because i'm not really sure he deserves it. The one thing on social comport component too is the fact that he picked up man united by their bootstraps law season and they finished in the champions league positions. And i think that's you know really quite an achievement but it's really quite an achievement and we forget this because they were having such a crappy season before then and i'm gonna tell you what specifically okay if we go back to last season and we go to united and we look at where they were. They were a in fourteenth position towards the end of october. Nine games in and everybody was talking about. They want to games in nine and everyone was talking about. What a disaster they were an early gonna social was going to get fired and everything was terrible. And you remember this. I remember this vividly. Gosh i mean. I was on the air. We were talking about this almost on a daily basis. But then he kind of brought them back when i say kind of brought them back i mean between a terrible defeat. They had away at bournemouth. Losing one ill on the road from that position on The end of october when they were in fourteenth by the end of december they were up in fifth and yeah they had kind of a rough december to be honest with you. They lost Two nil away at all they lost to liverpool but the shock result was the two nil loss at home to burnley and i think at that point. People are thinking you know. United are fifth kind of a bad run of form bernie. Lost was a shocker. Let's see where they go and at that. From that point onwards we have to say early. Gonna socia- really pull the team up and they didn't lose a single game from end of january through to the end of the season thirteen game streak with no losses. And that's what people are looking at him saying but he caught him into champion position yet but the fact of the matter is they were crap. Most of last season they put together a string of inconsistent results. They didn't skull anywhere near the number of goals that they needed to school. And they were basically you know it was dab hair had a lot to do with man united being where it was this season. It's just been it's just gone from bad to worse for united. Anyway i think you can make value judgments about early gonna soldier look. I think no nothing was more indicative of the problems with social and last week against arsenal where i thought. He was outcoached by michaela data. Two guys that really are sort of equals in terms of legendary players and players have had enormous success on the pitch and have made the transition to manager. Although it's funny you know ought to everton legend actually More than anything. I don't think socialize tactical news is as nearly as good as other managers of his ilk. However i don't think it's all that bad and i think he's learning i think he's developing and i think he's growing i think was sold. Try is a steady hand. A guy that's able to relate to his players and a guy that the fans get behind who the fans are not really going to be calling for his head because he is imagining the united legend that is and that takes the heat of it. I mean in many respects. It was a very calculated move by ownership to appoint social as boss because it was going to placate the fans. It's unlikely that we're going to be calling for his head. And if shy of fell flat on his face owed ship could say yeah. Maybe he wasn't ready. Maybe he wasn't quite the guy but look you loved him. Everybody loved him. he's a legend. We did what we thought we had to. No one was going to fault them for bringing so shire and so it was a very low risk appointment by the glazes to take the helmet. United out. But i think the problem for me with man. United is less to do with early. Gonna i was just mentioned. I don't actually think. Is you know tactically. That great of a manager yet he may well become a great manager it has to do with the squad and i want to take a look at the squad for a minute. They brought cavani. Fine cabanis an older player. He's a good player. But gao greenwood's they got police reading vanderbeek. They got muktar. Tomei madij daniel. James fred's jesse lynn. God matter you know all of these players either post their prime or.

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