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I'm your host Ardmore. Our special guest today is Dr Shawn Benz, he's on staff at humanitarian, that's a company in Indy. Indianapolis that makes scientifically based probiotic products for cats dogs and people now I met Dr Shawn well over the air earlier this year because he invited me to be a guest on his humanitarian podcast to discuss pet first aid. So it's my turn to return the favor and have you as a guest behind the mic? Dr Shawn I really. I really enjoyed being on your show and when did the humanitarian health podcast launch. Well, it's about a year and a half at this point. Now prior to that I had been on a live call in radio for twenty one straight years nationally. So we've done it for a period of time. But it's only about about a year and a half at this point and trying to put the program together to build a tied together people animal health and how they interrelate because they really do. Oh my gosh. I think you hit it on the head. And you know, people these days what they think is good for them. They hope will be good for their cats and dogs products. That's not always the case. Oh, it's not always. But when it comes to probiotic, depending on the strain it is that way. And it does make a big difference. I'll tell you one thing that it's a little bit Louis, but it is I think somewhat important to say is that when you look at the human side, which translates really well to the dog side dog and cat side. What I mean by that is within about six months of living with your cat and dog your your good and bad bacteria of your gut is almost eighty to ninety percent the same as your animal is within six months. You don't think about it because you're not eating their food. And you're not they're not they might be eating your food possibly, but pointed this communal living actually changes the immune system of the humans as well. As the dogs and cats, which is very interesting. But this is the one thing that kind of blows your way. So if you look at all the cells in your body, you have ten times the amount of bacteria than you do cells living in the body, and you have ten times the amount of viruses. Living in your body, then bacteria. So if you really think about it, you got more bacteria and viruses living in your body. Then you do your own cells. So they play a massive role in how well or how good your health is in the same thing dog and cats. So here comes the question. What the heck are probiotics. I mean, we see that all the time on the shelves, but give us the skinny. Yeah. It's really coming on the human side. It's it's become pretty popular only because twelve years ago became very popular. But I had interviewed the guy who had written the original book twenty years ago. Dr huff Nagel out of university of Michigan saying that he thought this was going to be the new big thing. Well, now animals dogs and cats we're on the early end of that early beginning of this. But it's starting to become a big issue. But the bottom line is this when you look at your small intestine on average or dog and cat small intestine and the large test and most of the inner lining of it is covered by good bacteria, and we're talking billions and billions and billions of good bacteria, and the key is to make sure it stays good bacteria. Unfortunately, good bacteria is environmental factors. Poor quality food groups stress issues. Medications and many other types of factors, and of course, antibiotics play massive role to and if you don't have that good flora that good flora protects you against disease and dysfunction in member eighty percent of your immune system is in your GI tract. So think about eighty percent of your auto immune related problems. So if you think of your cat and dog, and if they have auto immune problems, one of the first things you want to make sure that you're addressing and I'm sure your vet is is to make sure that they're by Omar good bacteria is being given to them because they're going to need it to build a fight up. Whatever immune issue, they're dealing with. You reached a good point? I know there are sadly some dogs out there that have lupus and other auto immune situation. So how do probiotics play a role for these dogs that have those kinds of conditions? And because we have to say this where you can never say a probiotic cures anything. Right. We'd know it supports and encourages immune system to get better. And assistant in the healing. And unfortunately, lupus onset starts to happen. It's changed some of the cells within the immune system that themselves will be cured by probiotic. But I will tell you this. If you don't have other things that are causing more inflammation, a lot of those types of animals have less and less symptoms. If their gut bio more flora is in a much healthier basis by that's really good. I mean, I feel bad for the dogs that have that control. It's terrible. It is. Now, you have a dog. Do we gotta do a four one one on Mr.? A white Maltese. And you know for myself, I this is a very little dog. And I grew up in with full breaded collies used to live out on the farm and the ad also at one point a German shepherd. So, you know, the bigger guard dogs, protect the farm type thing and all of a sudden, I'm not I don't have a farm anymore. All of a sudden, we bring this little white weaker home, and it took me a little bit. Because it was like, yeah. It's just little okay. It's just little is great for the ladies of the house. They loved it. It took me about a year or two. And then all of a sudden, I just found out the personality of this dog and the intelligence of this dog, it has been absolutely fabulous. And I've been very thankful to have lily as part of our family, and I've grown to really appreciate the smaller dog. It's just I had never had one before. So it took me a bit. Well, she said you had read powwow you're hetero by. Wow. I mean, so what's lillies personality? Like, you said she's got some smarts than. I mean, great intelligence, which is amazing. But what's funny is this? If you ever watch the watch ice age and watch scrap that is our dog. You can't say ball. You can't see a ball. You can't anything with the ball. Because if there's a ball or starts with a B the dog's going crazy, and it and it will run itself until it is exhausted. And it's been that way since it was the pop it could barely even get its legs over the grass in a thorough ball out. It's going to get it. It's gonna drag it back one way or another. But I if I had it to do over again, and I was earlier in this game. I probably would have looked at competition. But this. It acts more like a cat and a dog. It's amazing gift and we had one before lily that was what we called loaf loaf. Didn't do anything loafed in Ron didn't fixture neighbor that late labeled her because she did look like a low. I mean, she does. And then we got lily, and it was completely different ballgame and it's been a blast. But I I would have probably brought this dog into being in some competitive method just simply because of its Jila Deion intelligence and train ability beautiful dog before you know, when you had loaf before that you never thought you were going to have this. Now, you never know. That's the fun thing. I was hoping that lily is anywhere near the mic because I want to say how. She is not or the wise. Libra outta here. Because you'd be going crazy ball ball. Where's there's gotta be a ball in the it's hilarious. But if you've ever seen scrat- our dog to a T, it's hilarious. Oh my gosh. Yeah. And speaking of treats there, you know, it's very very confusing to know what the right probiotic will not only for you. But for cats, and I know on the humanitarian site, you've got the sixteen PDF pull out that basically is giving like six reasons what's the real truth about probiotics. I don't want. You really just I know you're not going to sound like a commercial, but not all probiotics are created equally. And we created the six Trues for people to learn about probiotics not necessarily just about ours. Of course. Ours does need these standards. But here's kind of the six just a top criteria, which is number one. Are they good for your body? And do you need good bacteria? Of course, the answer's yes. The second thing is which strange keep you healthy. Well, there's member in you mentioned early as we have to have research to document what we're doing. We've found about eight probiotics that we know has. Clinical research that we know makes a difference in the dogs and cats, and that's what we are in our product because a lot of them most of them are only single strain and the first of all single strain is not enough to get the job done. We know that the animal has up to three or four or five hundred different probiotics. But the only ones that right now are making that are available for us to distribute are about eight so people trying to get to that age that has science behind is very important, and how your probiotic is prepared is it prepared to dairy is a nod is tested before is it mixed in sugary mix because he's funny about it is many times they will mix it with food. Well, the point of it is of moisture and any kind of sugar hits. It's like eight to see this is like kids. I got kids probiotics and little liquid drinks that are sweetener, and it's all debt because as soon as he hits water and sugar it eats at the die. So making sure that it's prepared right? Is a really big issue and more. Probiotics at our freeze. Dried type don't have to be refrigerated. And if yours has to be refrigerated you can't travel with it. You have a hard time getting the animal to take it. It's a big issue. Number five is do you need a gazillion of them to get. Zillion gazillion. You need will the research doesn't show that research says as long as you have one hundred hundred billion up to one billion you've got about all you can get beyond the one billion. We've found no research that supports the idea. But remember we're in America, if something if it's good, then if we triple it's gotta be better, but in animals as well as humans, it really does not make a difference. And then lastly, and here's the key one. And we have yet to find us nother probiotic in the dog cat arena that actually has proof that their product gets through the stomach acid into the small intestine in life form because the question is how would you check it? We actually went to the Netherlands and actually had a product tested at a mechanical GI tract system to prove it everyone else puts a little acid in a Petri dish and calls. It said it lived through it. So it must be good. Well, the point of it is most of us don't want to put money and time into our animals. Unless we know it's going to make a difference. So they're six truths are kind of things that if you take your probiotic pull it out. And compare those six truths, you kinda know, whether it's, you know, check them off. And if the last one they don't have any signs to prove it. They're over a gazillion of you know, they don't understand the science. So we put those together for you to build analyze your own probiotic as much as ours. All right. Hey, folks, we're talking to Dr Shawn Benza, and he is the good doctor when it comes to knowing about probiotics for dogs cats and us he's out of Indianapolis. I'm also I was born in Indiana. Letter from Fort Wayne area. So we're not far. We were in the northwest corner of the state. Yeah. Yup. You were born in Fort Wayne in Fort, Wayne, or we'd grabbed through crown point heading up to Chicago where I received my doctorate up in Chicago. I'm very familiar in crown point used to have a great gymnastics team. Yes. They did. Thank you. I remember that was a sports writer when I was growing up there in well crown point is also the place where John Dillinger escape from our escape proof jail. Piece of soap and black with shoe polish and somehow been able to get a tool to carbon into a shape of a gun and fool sheriff Lillian Holly back in the thirties. I did not even know that story. I know that's stranger than fiction, anyway, we're gonna find some more truths about probiotics. And why I haven't good gut health for your dog and cat is so important. Dr Shawn is in the house, so everybody sit and stay. We'll be right back..

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