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Three items on the menu sit with strangers what say restaurant concept that will make that work and that's when he came up with benny hana's wow he didn't say i want to do a tap table japanese food he said wider restaurants fail and how do i correct for that and he kept diving diving diving deeper until he found that model and i watch this every day all the time i'm amazed the simplest problems in your life you know two kids were sitting in traffic in tel aviv you know there's a lot more cars and a lot of other cities and it dawned on them that the phone company knows where their phone is in a nose where the other drivers phone is and of the phone told one person to go left and the other to go right there'd be no traffic that was ways without a dour and revenue they became billionaires the first year in business it's that simple about identifying the big problems and finding solutions and you every person listening has walked different pap has insights into different fields and different things most of which the fancy people that go to the fancy schools haven't been exposed to so you with your problems have a huge advantage over somebody that had a silver spoon channel that learn how to focus on just the piece of the value chain where you can capture the most value and delegate out all the rest i i mean it's phenomenal advice on beyond i mean honestly guys you have to take what you're listening here today and just put into practice because look if you like what you're hearing trust me listen to the book listen to disrupt the on audible you're going to get way more this than we have time to discuss on this show but you have to because i mean again i i want to touch back on a lot of what you just said specifically on the lack of connections thing because we get a lot of emails in of people asking us like oh you know you know this person can detect and all that and i think people miss the point which is you know against something else that i pulled from your talk which to change you are this is something you said you must first change who you think you are.

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