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Disabled a Romanian network that was sending authentic messages expressing implausible support for president trump one would have to be naive indeed to uncritically swallow report that former President Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama had thrown their wholehearted support to the reelection of president trump. The motivation is as likely to be financial fraud as it is influence. malware bytes, reports, and ongoing series of Hamas attacks, which substitutes similar characters into familiar domain names. The activity appears linked to major cart and it shows the gang evolving to take advantage of similarities among Turkish, Cyrillic and other international character sets with the to us more familiar Roman letters. And finally as remote work increasingly looks likely to become an important part of the new normal. The US National Security Agency has said that it's expanding its telework capabilities with the twenty twenty one adoption of. Microsoft. Office three, sixty, five to support unclassified work FCW. Reports. But to rumors that NSA is going to open up its top secret cloud to remote work the agencies Ao Gregory Smith Berger said No. That's just not a thing and why not? Because come on friends, there's just some kinds of work that you can't phone in. And now a word from our sponsor, observe it with distributed workforce becoming the new norm. Many organizations are forced to learn how to manage mission critical functions remotely, which brings a unique set of insider threat challenges to the four whether it's careless users, disgruntled employees or third party contractors. Insiders have access to sensitive data on networks that are likely less secure, introducing new risks to. Your Business. To protect against these new threats proof points observant insider threat management solution empower security teams to identify user risk protect from data exfiltration and accelerate incident.

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